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Tapas Platter for Summer

Spanish Tapas Platter with Serrano Ham and Spanish Cheese

Cheese, sliced ham and salty mojama, with cured olives and a glass of cool red or white wine for summer.

More Summer Tapas
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Vina Eguia 2008 Crianza Wine Review

Vina Eguia, a high quality Spanish crianza from La Rioja Alavesa, at a reasonable price

Ham Croquettes Recipe - Croquetas de Jamón

Ham croquettes are a small, lightly breaded and fried sort of fritter. They are a sure hit as an appetizer or an afternoon snack.

Figs in Butter and Honey Recipe - Higos en Manteqilla y Miel

Traditional Spanish cuisine makes use of fresh or dried figs in many types of recipes. Fresh figs are very sweet and practically melt in your mouth. This fig recipe is easy and takes about 10 minutes start to finish. Transform figs into a rich dessert by sautéing them in a bit of butter and drizzling with a touch of honey.

Peaches with Tuna Recipe - Melocoton con Atun

Tuna and mayonnaise combine to make an easy filling for canned peach halves. They are unusual flavors to pair, but definitely work. Make these peach halves as a quick, last-minute tapa, or first course. Beginner cooks will enjoy this recipe because preparation takes only 5 minutes.

Easy Toasts with Pate, Olives and Onions Recipe

This easy tapa recipe can be made with a wide variety of toppings. Spread small pieces of toasted baguette with the pate of your choice, then top with cocktail onions, smoked salmon, green or black olives or a slice of pickled pepper. This tapa is so easy it requires no cooking and takes about 15 minutes to prepare start to finish!

St. James' Cake Recipe - Tarta de Santiago

Santiago (St. James) is the patron saint of Spain and this delicious almond cake is named in his honor. The origin of St. James cake is not certain, but it may have been brought to Galicia by a pilgrim. Today, this cake is sold all over Santiago de Compostela and is popular with tourists and pilgrims.

Peaches in Wine Recipe - Melocotones en Vino

Peaches in Wine is a fresh-tasting dessert that is a fabulous finish to a summer dinner. Peaches provide the “taste of summer” while the wine and cinnamon give this dessert its zing. This is a great make-ahead dessert.

Garlic Chicken & Sun Dried Tomatoes Recipe - Pollo al Ajillo con Tomates Secos

This Spanish chicken dish is as easy as it is attractive, with bright red sun-dried tomatoes and green basil. Garlic and sun-dried tomatoes are sautéed together and mixed with chicken breasts, then sprinkled with fresh basil.

Salmon with Caramelized Onions in Puff Pastry and Pepper Sauce

Salmon and caramelized onions are rolled inside puff pastry and baked until golden. Then creamy roasted pepper sauce is drizzled over the top.

Lemon-Orange Granita Recipe - Granizado de Limon y Naranja

Like other Mediterranean countries, iced drinks called "granizados" are very popular in Spain during the hot summers. This "granizado" is made with both lemon and orange peel and juices, making it a very cool and refreshing drink in the afternoon, or simple and elegant summer dessert.

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