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Spanish Lentil Soup - Sopa de Lentejas (c)

If you've ever eaten lentil soup, you probably know that appearances are deceiving. Afterall, who would guess how delicious this soup is by looking at it?! Legumes must be the "ugly ducklings" of the culinary world - not much to look at in a bowl, but rich in flavor and packed with nutrients. Lentil soup is a traditional Spanish dish, prepared in many different ways, so there is no single recipe for it. Our recipe includes lean pork loin in cubes, but it is typical to be served lentil soup that contains chorizo and/or morcilla sausages. Although the Spanish eat soup as a first course, this soup can be a very filling main course. Try making a pot of lentil soup when you have things to do around the house this holiday season, but don't have a a lot of time to prepare dinner.

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September 23, 2010 at 3:17 am
(1) Martina says:

I love sopa de lentejas. I think is one of the most nutritive dish. Leguminous have high percentages of different minerals and vitamins. I don’t know a lot of recipes to prepare lentejas and i really liked this one. I read as wel, in 1001Consejos another recipe very easy to do. If you’re an Spanish speaker I would suggest to visit this site because it has such a lot of interesting things regarding several subjects, themes, and cooking is one of them. The link is: http://www.1001consejos.com/cocina/platos-fuertes/1309_lentejas/

August 21, 2012 at 3:16 pm
(2) Susy says:

I love lentejas too. I cook this delicious cook several times a month. I look for recipes in Internet and I found some interesting sites for recipes of lentejas:

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