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New Mid-Summer Tapas Dinner Menu


Goat Cheese with Paprika Tapa - Queso de Cabra con Pimenton


It's summer, and I don't know about your kitchen, but mine is hot! You want dinner, but don't want a big meal... and you're a bit tired of barbequed chicken or hamburgers. In fact, if you're like us, this time of year planning a meal sometimes just feels like work. No te preocupes! (Don't worry!)  We've got a summer tapas dinner menu to put out, and let your family "graze."

It might look like a long list, but only two of the items require cooking! The rest of the dishes just need slicing and serving. Prepare all the items listed below, and you can serve 6 for dinner. Who knows? You might convince your family to help prepare it!

If you prefer a green salad instead of cold soup, try Spanish Mixed Green Salad Recipe - Ensalada Mixta.

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