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Spanish Breads

Bread can never be missing from the table when the Spanish sit down to eat. It is an integral part of the meal. The Spanish produce many kinds of breads, slightly different in each region. However, the classic baguette or "barra" can be found all over Spain.

Rustic Spanish Bread Recipe Pan Rustico
This bread recipe is strictly "old-time" and produces a rustic-style Spanish bread. It's the kind that you see on abuela's (grandma's) kitchen table in pueblos across Spain. One recipe yields 3 loaves, so make it on a weekend afternoon and you'll have bread for most of the week.

Spanish Sweet Milk Bread Recipe Pan de Leche
Large sweet rolls are often served for breakfast or afternoon "merienda" in Spain. Sometimes the bread is split and topped with sugar while baking. It makes a good breakfast food, served with butter and marmalade or quince "membrillo." This easy bread recipe is perfect for beginning cooks and bread makers.

Easy Spanish Bread Recipe - Pan Basico
Bread is such an integral part of any Spanish meal and comes in many different forms. This easy Spanish bread recipe is a basic white bread that is perfect for a beginning bread maker. Flour, water, salt and yeast are all you need to make this delicious homemade bread. It can be formed into a baguette or "barra" as the Spanish say, or into one large round or several mini-rounds.

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