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Because Spain has many different regions, with different cultures and climates, Spain produces a surprising collection of hand-made cheeses from sheep, goat and cow's milk. Spanish cheeses can be eaten before a meal, with a meal or as a dessert.

Introduction to Spanish Cheese
Cheese is a very important part of the Spanish diet. Every region has its own types and they range form creamy and soft, to hard and tangy. In Spain, cheeses are eaten by themselves, or with bread, as a tapa, or as dessert.

Spanish Cheeses - Recommendations for Storing and Preserving Cheeses
If you are lucky enough to be able to buy Spanish cheese in your local market, make sure that you know how to store it so it will stay fresh. Learn how to properly and safely preserve it in oil.

Innovations to Traditional Spanish Cheeses
Highly creative culinary innovations lately have become the norm in Spain – from chefs to wineries, and now cheese producers. Using the artisan process to produce quality cheeses, producers are beginning to experiment with the old flavors - and are finding success!

Spanish Mixed Milk Cheese
Mixed milk cheeses are generally produced with milk from two or three kinds of animals. These cheeses are some of the best that Spain has to offer, especially Cabrales blue cheese, which the Spanish will assure you rivals French Roquefort cheese.

Spanish Cow's Milk Cheese
Cow's milk cheeses are produced in Northern Spain, where there is plenty of cattle production. There are many types of cow's milk cheeses and if you like mild, soft cheeses, read more about Tetilla.

Spanish Sheep's Milk Cheese
Sheep's milk cheeses are generally cured cheeses and come from the North of Spain. They are some of the best cheeses to use for tapas-tasting.

Spanish Goat's Milk Cheese
Goat cheeses, as with all Spanish cheeses come in a variety of flavors and shapes. Some are cured with wine, others are rubbed with ash or covered in oil. There is sure to be a variety to suit every taste.

Cheeses from Asturias, Spain
The small region of Asturias, located in northwestern Spain has beautiful green mountains and valleys. Because of its high altitude and humidity, it is a good place to make artisan cheeses and age them naturally. Asturias is well-known to Spaniards as the region of cheeses - from soft, mild types to strongly-flavored blue-veined cheeses aged in natural caves.

Cabrales Cheese - Queso Cabrales
Cabrales cheese is Spain's most famous blue cheese, pungent and creamy. It is produced in Asturias and aged in mountain caves.

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