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Spanish Cooking Basics and Tips

What you need to know to get started on your Spanish culinary journey - to prepare and enjoy the delicious food of Spain.
  1. Essential Ingredients (9)
  2. Glossary of Spanish Terms (33)
  3. Tips from Readers (2)

Spanish Food Videos
If you like to watch cooking shows on television, you'll love these About videos with step-by-step instructions for how to prepare some of the most famous Spanish food recipes, as well as recipes with a Spanish twist. Don't worry about taking notes while watching because a text transcript of each video is included just below each video.

Essential Foods for the Spanish Kitchen
Do you "have" what it takes to be a Spanish cook? We bet you have most of the ingredients already. Check this list against the your kitchen pantry and find out!

Stocking a Spanish Kitchen
Do you have the basic kitchen tools for Spanish cooking? Read this and find out!

Tips on Buying Spanish Olive Oil
Are you looking for a high quality olive oil, but are confused by the labels? Spain is one of the major producers of olive oil and Spanish olive oil is of very high quality. Learn what's important to look for on the label and what is just marketing hype!

Grades of Spanish Olive Oil
Along with garlic, olive oil is an integral part of Spanish cooking since the Phoenicians and Greeks introduced the olive tree to the Iberian Peninsula in ancient times. Spanish olive oil production is strictly regulated now. Learn about the official grades of Spanish olive oil and why Extra Virgin is worth the extra cost!

Tips for Frying with Olive Oil
Olive oil is an integral part of Spanish cooking. Almost every dish includes olive oil and/or garlic in the list of ingredients. Follow these general tips for frying with olive oil.

Spanish Cooks Have a Secret to Speed up Cooking – Pressure Cookers!
Like everywhere else, the pace of life has quickened in Spain and women don’t have endless hours to cook a stew or a pot of beans. In fact, no self-respecting Spanish housewife would be without her "olla express" or pressure cooker! They drastically reduce cooking times and make tougher cuts of meat very tender. Learn more about them here.

How to Chop Hard-Boiled Eggs with No Mess
Many fillings, soups and stews in Spanish cooking use finely chopped hard-boiled eggs. Chopping the eggs on a cutting board is messy and takes too long. Use this simple trick that's easy and does not leave a mess to clean up.

Spanish Seafood
If you have ever been to Spain, or had a friend from Spain, you know that Spaniards have a love affair with seafood. They crave fresh fish and shellfish of all kinds, from cod to lobster. Learn about the huge variety of seafood found in Spain.

LaTienda.com, a Great Resource for Spanish Food Products
LaTienda.com is a fabulous online resource for authentic Spanish food products, cooking utensils, spices and much more!

Cooking Conversions Calculator from Gourmet Sleuth
Frustrated with a recipe that uses metric measurements? This tool converts weights, volumes, any measurements from metric to U.S. measurements for specific foods!

How to Blanch Almonds
Blanching almonds is easy, since the skins loosen immediately in hot water. Almonds are the base for many traditional Spanish desserts, and sauces.

Top 3 Spanish Food Cookbooks
With thousands of cookbooks on Spanish food and tapas, how do you choose? These three are stand-outs that deserve shelf space in your kitchen.

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