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Tip: How to Chop Hard-Boiled Eggs with No Mess

Quick and Easy Way to Chop Eggs Using a Drinking Glass


Chop Hard-Boiled Eggs in a Glass

Chop Hard-Boiled Eggs in a Glass

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Many fillings and stews in Spanish cooking use finely chopped hard-boiled eggs. Chopping the eggs on a cutting board is messy and takes too long. Using this simple trick is easy and does not leave a mess to clean up. Make sure eggs are cooled and peeled. Place 1-2 hard-boiled eggs in a 16 oz wide mouth glass. Then, holding a small knife (with a blade between 3 and 5 inches) vertically cut eggs into small pieces. Turn the glass every 3-4 cuts and the eggs will quickly be chopped into tiny pieces, perfect for a filling.
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