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Spanish Food Basics


Traditional or classic Spanish cooking is simple food, using local ingredients and crops and spices grown regionally. Because of this, each region is Spain has its' own unique cuisine. Spain sits between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, so the Spanish diet is generally classified as Mediterranean. Fresh fruits, vegetables and fish are plentiful in the traditional Spanish diet, as well as olive oil and garlic. Meat, poultry and game are eaten in smaller amounts. Regional Spanish wine accompanies most meals.
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  1. FAQs about Spanish Food
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Spanish Cooking Basics and Tips

A few basics about Spanish cooking will help start you out on your adventure in preparing Spanish food, including tips on stocking your kitchen and choosing and cooking with olive oil.

Essential Ingredients

There are several essential ingredients in Spanish food and you probably already have most of them in your pantry. They include olive oil, garlic, tomatoes and paprika, as well as saffron.

Spanish Regional Cuisine

There are traditionally six culinary regions in Spain, however within those regions are areas of distinct cuisines. Learn more about the cuisine of each region - where they are, what dishes they are known for and what are the best foods to try from each region!

FAQs about Spanish Food

The FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions below provide answers to questions you may have about Spanish food. What are tapas? How does Spanish chorizo differ from its cousin in Mexico? Is Spanish food spicey? With so many different regional cuisines, are there any national dishes in Spain? Discover the answers to these questions and more.

Spanish Meals and Culture

To a new visitor to Spain, it might seem like Spaniards are always eating... that's because they are! Seriously, the Spanish love to eat local dishes and like generous quantities. What do they eat? When do they eat?

Spanish Wines

Vino Rioja

Spain has produced good wines since ancient times. Today, things are no different. Spain has many wine-producing regions that are world-famous, including La Rioja and Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, not to mention the Sherry region, famous for sherry wine.

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