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Turron Museum-Museo de Turron

Discover the Process and History of Making Turron


Turron is a very old, traditional sweet of Moorish (Arabic) origin. It has been a popular sweet for centuries, even outside Spain’s borders. It is said that the Moors invented turrón over 500 years ago in Jijona, a small town about 30 miles or so north of Alicante. Jijona’s economy is focused on the production of turrón and other sweets. The museum of turrón in the "Turron 1880" factory is very interesting. It chronicles the process and history of the candy and it's well worth visiting if you are in Alicante. Tours are given every hour and start with a short video and then a walk around the spotless and modern factory's catwalks where you can see the candies produced in each room. Then, it's off to the museum's 3 large exhibit rooms. Finally, the tour ends with free samples and a visit to the candy shop!
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Ancient Grinding StoneAncient Stone for GrindingAncient Grinding StoneAncient Grinding StonesOld Caldron Used in Making TurronOld Caldron Used in Cooking TurronBomba Peladillas for TurronBomba Peladillas
Mixer for TurronTurron MixerEgg Separator in Turron MuseumEgg SeparatorStone Grinder or Mill for Turron - Molino del TurronStone Mill Used in Making TurronMixer for TurronOld Electric Mixer for Turron
Model of Turron FactoryModel of Turron FactoryTurron SlicerOld Turron SlicerTurron 1880 Truck (c)Turron 1880 Delivery Truck
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