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Discover Spanish Food and Culture

Discover Spanish Food and Culture - Spain, a culinary crossroads with cultural influences that over the centuries have made Spanish food one of the most popular Mediterranean cuisines. Learn about Spain's history, climate and ingredients that contribute to delicious meals.
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Stocking Stuffers and Gift Baskets for Spanish Food Lovers
If you are shopping for someone who likes to cook, or likes Spanish food, buy a bit of Spanish paprika, or a paella making kit. Two special cookbooks also make this list. Any one of these will be a unique gift and sure to be appreciated.

Top Gifts for the Spanish Food Enthusiast
If you know someone who likes Spanish food and enjoys cooking, why not buy them a special kitchen gift? We've put together the following list of kitchen equipment that we think are "must haves" for any cook preparing Spanish food. From paella pans to churro makers and wine openers, there is something for everyone.

Eating Out in Spain - A Photo Gallery of Tapas, Raciones and Menus
Eating out in Spain, a national pastime. This photo gallery shows a wide variety of "menus of the day," tapas and raciones menus that you might see in Spain.

Eating out in Spain - Restaurants, Cafeterías and Bars
Restaurants, cafeterias and bars in Spain display their "rating" on signs near their front doors. What do those forks mean on the sign? How about the coffee cups on the cafeterias? Learn about the rating system and generally what to expect when eating out in Spain.

An Introduction to Spanish Food and Cooking
Spanish food is "down to earth" and uncomplicated, based on simple, locally available ingredients. Learn about typical Spanish food and ingredients.

Meals and the Culture of Spain
It seems like Spaniards are always eating! Meals and the socializing that happens while eating are a huge part of the Spanish culture. Learn how a typical Spaniard eats and when - You'll be surprised!

Top Recipes for Beginners to Spanish Food
The following are the recipes we recommend that cooks who are new to Spanish cuisine try. This list includes dishes that are some of the most typical or representative of the Spanish kitchen, or the most famous. Below each dish is a short description.

Spanish Lunch - La Comida
The midday meal, "la comida" as it is called in Spain is the largest meal of the day. It is definitely a large meal, usually with multiple courses. Learn about what dishes Spaniards eat. It's guaranteed to make your mouth water.

Spain and its Cuisine
Spain's cuisine varies from region to region, depending on the climate and cultures. Read a bit about the location and climates of Spain and learn about the six culinary regions of Spain and what they are known for!

Spanish Menu - How to Order at a Spanish Restaurant
Whether it is a Spanish restaurant in Spain or in your home town, learn to order from the menu, or "la carta," as it is called in Spanish. Start by reading our guide to ordering course by course!

Tortillas – Omelets in Spain
"Tortilla de Patatas or "Tortilla Espanola" is probably one of the best known and universally liked Spanish dishes. It is simply sliced potatoes and chopped onions fried in olive oil, then mixed with beaten egg and cooked to form a solid omelet. A tasty "tapa" or main course for dinner.

Spanish Food - A Mediterranean Diet
The Spanish eat a Mediterranean diet that contains plentiful amounts of fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, nuts and olive oil, rich in monounsaturated fat. Learn more about the Mediterranean diet and why it tastes great, but why research shows it is good for your health!

Your Heart Needs the Mediterranean Diet
Learn more about how to eat a healthy diet and live a healthy lifestyle. Even if you do not know anything about Spanish or Mediterranean cuisine, this book will be helpful. Ms. Klapp was raised in Spain and includes several tasty recipes!

Spanish Sauces
In Spain, there is a wide variety of dishes. Every region or province has its own special dishes. Sometimes even individual towns have their own twist on regional dishes. Spanish sauces are no different. Most sauces originated in a particular region, but many have spread across the peninsula. Today there are over a half-dozen basic sauces broadly used in Spanish cooking, from alioli to vinagreta.

Char-Broil Gas Paella Burner Review
The quickest, most convenient way to prepare a large paella is to cook it outside on a paella gas burner & tripod stand, connected to a propane tank. This economical Char-Broil burner and tripod set requires no tools to assemble, and includes a paella pan, too.

What Spain is Like - A Very Brief Tour
Read Damian Corrigan’s introductory article to learn more about Spain in general, and view a good map of the country in About's Spain for Visitors.

How to Make Cafe con Leche - Coffee with Milk
Have you ever wondered how to prepare at home the same delicious espresso coffee you had in Spain (or other European countries) or what the Spanish eat with that wonderful coffee to start their day off right? We are asked that a lot!

The History of Chocolate in Spain
Chocolate is a delicacy from the New World that was brought back to Spain in the XVI century. Since then, the Spanish have had a love affair with chocolate and there is a long-established tradition of "chocolaterias" or cafes that only serve thick, rich, sweet chocolate with "churros" or Spanish fritters.

Menu del Dia Book Review
In this compact book, Rohan Daft offers the reader a view of Spanish life around the kitchen table. His collection of Spanish recipes are authentic, well-written and easy to follow. Included with each recipe is an anecdote about someone he has met during his travels across Spain, or background about the recipe.

Menu del Dia Book Review
In this compact book, Rohan Daft offers the reader a view of Spanish life around the kitchen table. His collection of Spanish recipes are authentic, well-written and easy to follow. Included with each recipe is an anecdote about someone he has met during his travels across Spain, or background about the recipe.

Interview with Rohan Daft, Author of Menu del Dia
Rohan Daft, author of Menu del Dia Spanish cook book answers interview questions - What inspires a British journalist to research and write a cook book of traditional Spanish dishes? How did he obtain over 100 Spanish recipes? What is Rohan Daft's favorite regional cuisine in Spain?

Custom Botas, a Spanish Food Lover Gift Idea
A "bota" or a "bota de vino" is the Spanish term for wineskin, a bag made from cured animal skin, which can be slung over the shoulder. Although originally used by shepherds, they are popular with outdoorsmen, and people with active lifestyles. Today, most "botas" are latex-lined and can be used for water or sodas, or any liquid, and it's easy...

Easy Spanish Recipes for Spanish Class
Read over this list if you need to prepare a Spanish dish for your Spanish class. We assembled a list of easy, economical dishes with ingredients that are easily available in the local market.

Varieties of Wild Mushrooms in Spain
Mushrooms or "setas" in Spain are popular, and Spaniards enjoy gathering them in the countryside, even though they are readily available in grocery stores. Learn about the top varieties of wild mushrooms in Spain.

Book Review - The Book of Tapas by Simone & Ines Ortega
The Book of Tapas is a small, hardbound cookbook with over 250 easy-to-prepare tapas recipes and includes many mouth-watering photographs.

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