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Learn about Spanish wines and the regions where they are produced. But, the Spanish don't just drink wine! So, learn about the various beverages served in Spain from cold drink that will quench your thirst on a hot, Spanish afternoon to piping hot drinks to warm you up on a chilly Spanish evening.
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Lemon Beer Recipe - Clara or Shandy
Most of Spain is hot in the summers, so Spaniards have plenty of ways to keep cool. So, "claras" or lemon beer, is a popular summertime drink. Luckily it is easy to make and is very refreshing.

Pacharán – Patxaran
Patxaran in Basque, or Pacharán in Spanish is a liqueur that originally made from the blackthorn or sloe berries that grow wild in Navarra, a region in the north of Spain. Pacharán (Spanish) is now a very popular liqueur all over Spain. It is served very cold without ice at the end of a meal.

The “fire drink” of Galicia is thought to have originated in ancient times when Celts established villages and settled in Northern Spain. Although this drink is made with "orujo," a strong liqueur similar to grappa, much of the alcohol is burned off in the flames.

Chocolate Caliente - Spanish Hot Chocolate
The Spanish are known to be "locos" for chocolate, since they discovered it in the New World 500 years ago. As in centuries past, today the Spanish drink rich, thick hot chocolate for breakfast. In fact, it is so thick that you can stand a "churro" in it!

Cuba Libre with Licor 43 Recipe
Lots of people enjoy a “Cuba Libre” or rum and cola, but add a bit of Spanish liqueur called Licor 43 to for a bit of Spanish style to this tropical drink. Serve it to your friends and they’ll be asking what your secret is.

Wine Museum in Peñafiel Castle, Valladolid
Provincial Wine Museum in Peñafiel Castle, Valladolid or Museo Provincial del Vino, Castillo de Peñafiel en Valladolid is a "must see" for anyone who is interested in wine, history or agriculture. Ever wonder what a medieval castle looks like inside? This is your chance to see it and educate yourself about wine, tour a castle - and maybe do some wine-tastin

The Museo Provincial del Vino, Castillo de Peñafiel in Valladolid
The Museo Provincial del Vino, Castillo de Peñafiel in Valladolid, Spain is a great place to visit. Even if you are not a wine aficionado, the guided tour of the castle and the exhibits about the history of wine making, as well as the wine-making process will grab your attention. Views from atop the castle are worth the climb.

El Porrón - The Spanish Wine Decanter
The Spanish have a special wine decanter called a "porrón" that is decorative and well as functional. Learn about how to drink from the "porrón" and what it looks like.

Queimada - Recipe for the Fire Drink of Galicia
The “fire drink” of Galicia is thought to have originated in ancient times when Celts established villages and settled in Northern Spain. Although this drink is made with "orujo," a strong liqueur similar to grappa, much of the alcohol is burned off in the flames. This is a great drink for an outdoor Halloween or winter party.

Red, White and Drunk all Over - A Wine-Soaked Journey from Grape to Glass
This is an entertaining book written in a casual style, yet is incredibly informative at the same time! Natalie MacLean writes about wine, wine tasting, and winemaking around the world. She recounts her own adventures visiting wineries and interviewing winemakers and owners, as well as what it is like to work on the floor of a well-known wine retailer in NYC... and much more!

Spanish Botas - Wineskins
Learn Spanish wineskins or "botas" as they are called in Spanish. They are a great way to take your favorite wine on a hiking or camping trip. They are also great fun at outdoor parties!

Top Spanish Drinks for Summer
The rain in Spain may fall mainly on the plain, but during the summer, it usually doesn't rain at all - and it's hot! That is the reason so many northern Europeans visit Spain in July and August. Because the weather is so hot in many parts of Spain, the Spanish adapted and traditionally took "siestas" or naps in the hottest part of the day and returned to work when the temperature dropped a few d…

Readers answer: What's Your Favorite Best-Value Spanish Wine?
What's Your Favorite Best-Value Spanish Wine? Is there a Spanish wine that you love to drink, but it's priced so low it's a steal? How about a Spanish wine that is priced right, tastes great and whenever you find it, you HAVE to buy a case?! Share the name, vintage and price with other readers or simply read what others like to drink.

Spanish Wine Battle - La Batalla del Vino
Every year on June 29th, the town of Haro in the heart of La Rioja is the site of a major battle. Hundreds of Spaniards celebrate by soaking each other with wine, using any means possible.

Coffee-Cocoa Ice Dessert Recipe - Granizado de Café y Cacao
Iced drinks called "granizados" are very popular in Spain during the hot summers. This "granizado" is made with espresso coffee combined with cocoa powder and brown sugar. It is easy to prepare and very refreshing as a snack or dessert on hot summer days.

Lemon-Orange Granita Recipe - Granizado de Limon y Naranja
Like other Mediterranean countries, iced drinks called "granizados" are very popular in Spain during the hot summers. This "granizado" is made with both lemon and orange peel and juices, making it a very cool and refreshing drink in the afternoon, or simple and elegant summer dessert.

Custom Botas, a Spanish Food Lover Gift Idea
A "bota" or a "bota de vino" is the Spanish term for wineskin, a bag made from cured animal skin, which can be slung over the shoulder. Although originally used by shepherds, they are popular with outdoorsmen, and people with active lifestyles. Today, most "botas" are latex-lined and can be used for water or sodas, or any liquid, and it's easy...

How to Drink from a Porron, Spanish Wine Pitcher
Although the "porron" originated in Cataluna, you can find them in bars and homes all over Spain. A "porron" is an oddly shaped pitcher with an unusual spout that's shaped like a cone. It is not complicated to drink from a "porron." Follow the simple instructions in this step-by-step, and a stream of wine will pour right out! You might not hit...

20-Point Wine Scale for Wine Tasting
This 20-points wine scale is used to evaluate a wine. Using a scale might seem too formal, but it helps tasters focus on the various elements of the wine's taste and smell, to determine their overall impression of the wine. Host a blind tasting of Spanish wines and find out which you and your friends enjoy.

Cafe Canario or Cafe Bombon Recipe - Coffee with Condensed Milk
The Spanish love coffee prepared different ways. Hot espresso coffee added to sweetened condensed milk and a bit of whipped cream makes a rich and creamy dessert drink.

Cava - Spanish Sparkling Wines
Spain makes some very fine sparkling wines called cava. It is made in the "mthode champenoise" or Champagne method, which is the same method that is used to make Champagne in France. Learn about how it is produced and which type to buy, depending on your taste!

Cuba Libre and Mojito Recipes
Tony's version of two famous drinks, the Cuba Libre and the Mojito. The "Cuba Libre" is made with a simple "secret" ingredient. The simple "mojito," version makes a party-size amount in a blender.

Asturian Cider - Sidra Asturiana
"Sidra" is hard cider from Asturias, Spain. It is a cool, refreshing drink enjoyed all over Spain. This tart and musty drink is lightly effervescent and lightly alcoholic, it is perfect for a warm summer day.

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