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Licor 43 - Spanish Liqueur

A Liqueur Made with 43 Ingredients, Including Herbs, Spices and Vanilla


Licor 43, Spanish Liqueur

Licor 43, Spanish Liqueur

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Licor 43 is a sweet, vanilla-flavored liqueur that is produced in Spain by the Diego Zamora company. According to the producers, it is an ancient recipe, dating back to 200 B.C. and the recipe was passed down from generation to generation until in 1924 it was purchased by Diego Zamora, along with a distillery in Cartagena, Murcia, Spain. Since then it has become a very popular drink in Spain.

Licor 43 is made from 43 different ingredients, including vanilla, citrus and other fruits, as well as aromatic herbs and spices, but the recipe and exact ingredients remain a secret. According to the company’s web site, the liqueur is exported to more than 60 countries around the world.

It is served on ice as an after-dinner drink, mixed with coffee, colas and other carbonated beverages as well as in desserts.

Recipes with Licor 43

Other Ideas for Licor 43

Here are some other ideas for Licor 43 that really don't need a recipe...

  • Ice Cream 43 - Pour an ounce of Licor 43 over a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
  • Coffee 43 - Add an ounce of Licor 43 to a shot of espresso or a cafe con leche (a latte).
  • Flan 43 - Drizzle a bit of Licor 43 over a cup of classic Spanish flan, rich vanilla custard.
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