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El Porrón - The Spanish Wine Pitcher

The Traditional Spanish Way to Share Wine


Porron - Traditional Spanish Glass Wine Pitcher

Porron - Traditional Spanish Glass Wine Pitcher

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A porrón is a sort of pitcher used in Spain to serve and drink wine. Porrones are an old and traditional way to store and to share wine with a group of people. They can be clear or green glass or clay and keep exposure to the air to a minimum. They are wide at the bottom and have a long, thin neck and usually are fit with corks. At the bottom is a long spout. Hold up the porrón in front of your face with the spout pointing towards you, tilt your head back slightly and raise and tilt the porrón spout toward you. A thin stream of wine comes out and pours directly into your mouth… if you have good aim! Lower the porrón toward your face before you stop drinking or you'll spill wine down the front of you and the tablecloth. It takes a bit of skill, but that only comes with practice!

The porrón is typically seen in restaurants catering to tourists, old-time taverns, at festivals and at family gatherings.

You can buy glass porrones at import stores or on the internet. They make great conversation pieces, fun additions to parties and a great gift for any family or friends who enjoy Spanish cuisine and culture.

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