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Tempra Tantrum 2008 - Tempranillo/Cabernet

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Tempra Tantrum 2008 Tempranillo/Cabernet

Tempra Tantrum 2008 Tempranillo/Cabernet

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The Bottom Line

Tempra Tantrum is a good wine if you are looking for a Spanish red wine to drink with Spanish tapas or grilled meats, or to bring to a BBQ this summer. It is also value-priced at under $10.

If you would like to read more about the Tempra Tantrum wines, visit the the website. It is slick-looking, well-written, easy-to-navigate and provides information about their wines, as well as a blog about Rocio Osborne. The English-only site, as well as their marketing seem to be directed at the non-Spanish market.


  • Pleasant
  • Aroma and Flavor of Raspberries and Blackberries
  • Thin and Dry
  • Pairs well with Grilled Pork or Beef
  • Value Priced at under $10


  • None, a Good Value Wine


  • Vineyards in the area of Tierra de Castilla, Spain
  • Made from Tempranillo & Cabernet Grapes
  • 2008 Vintage

Guide Review - Tempra Tantrum 2008 - Tempranillo/Cabernet

Tempra Tantrum wines is owned by the Osborne family, which has a long history producing Spanish sherries, wines and brandies. It is produced by Rocio Osborne, a sixth generation vintner in the Tierra de Castilla appellation.

Although a blend of 60% Tempranillo and 40% Cabernet, it is not as full bodied as we imagined it would be. We noted raspberry, plum and blackberry flavors.

We would recommend this wine for pairing with tapas or grilled pork or beef.

This is one of a series of blended wines that use Tempranillo together with Cabernet. Other wines in the series include blends with Merlot, Shirah and Grenache.

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