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How to Drink from a Porron, Spanish Wine Pitcher


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Step 1 - Fill Bottom of Porron with Wine
Porron - Traditional Spanish Glass Wine Pitcher

Porron - Traditional Spanish Glass Wine Pitcher

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A porron is a kind of pitcher used in Spain to serve and drink wine. A porron is a very old, traditional way to store wine, as well as to share wine with a group of people. Porrones can be glass or ceramic and keep exposure to the air to a minimum, and generally hold about .75 liter (roughly the same as a standard bottle of wine). They are wide at the bottom and have a long, thin neck and usually are fit with corks, or plastic caps. Toward the bottom is a long conical-shaped spout, narrowing to a small opening at the tip.

Wash the porron thoroughly before using. Pour enough wine in the wide bottom to fill it. Place cap on top.


  1. To practice drinking from a porron, use water. Red wine stains are sometimes difficult to remove.
  2. When practicing with wine, wear a plastic bib or tuck a kitchen towel into your shirt to protect your clothing from wine stains.
  3. Don't touch the spout to your lips.

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