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Top Spanish Bacalao Main Course Recipes

Favorite Salt Cod Dishes


Meatless Fridays have been the tradition in Catholic countries for many centuries. During that time, the Spanish have observed Lent, eating meatless dishes, and they developed a wide variety of salt cod fish or "bacalao" recipes. Even though today salting fish is not needed to preserve it, the traditional salted "bacalao" dishes remain popular - because they taste great! First, soak the cod in water for 24 to 48 hours to leach out the salt, then prepare with accompanying sauces - tomato sauce, or paprika sauce, vegetables in wine sauce.

Cod Fish with Vegetables Recipe - Bacalao con Samfaina

bacalao con samfaina
Cod fish with Samfaina sauce, a vegetable sauce similar to ratatouille is a regional dish from Cataluña, a region in eastern Spain. The salty cod compliments the fresh, sweet flavors of the Samfaina with zucchini, tomatoes, eggplants and peppers.

Spanish Salt Cod with Peppers & Onions Recipe - Bacalao con Pimientos y Cebolla

Salt Cod with Peppers - Bacalao con Pimientos
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Like so many of the salt cod dishes, this comes from the Basque Country. Salt cod is first sautéed in garlic-infused olive oil, then smothered in a "pisto" sauce made of chopped onions, green peppers, and ripe tomatoes. It is such a tasty dish, and easy enough for any novice.

Cod with Paprika and Potatoes Recipe - Bacalao a la Tranca

Cod Fish with Paprika - Bacalao a la Tranca (c)
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This cod dish is popular all year, but has a special place on Good Friday’s menu. Fry salt cod, then drizzle with olive oil and slices of sautéed garlic. It is traditionally served with boiled potatoes and eggs.

Spanish Paprika Fish Recipe - Pescado al Pimenton

Spanish Fish with Paprika & Vinegar Sauce - Pescado con Pimenton y Vinagre
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This is a good recipe for beginner cooks because it is simple. First, fry the fresh cod fish, then prepare a sauce made of smokey Spanish paprika, vinegar and lemon juice. The paprika in the sauce makes this a very colorful and aromatic dish, and a good main course, especially for Lent. Serve with plain rice or home-fried potatoes.

Cod Fish with Tomato Sauce Recipe - Bacalao con Tomate

Cod in Tomato Sauce
Although eaten year-round, this dish is traditional to prepare at Christmas and during Lent. The salty cod combines well with the sweetness of the roasted pepper and tomato sauce. Serve with fried potatoes.

Bacalao Omelet Recipe - Tortilla de Bacalao

Tortilla de Bacalao - Omelet with Bacalao
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After leaching salt from cod, flake into small pieces. Saute peppers and onions, and mix all with eggs. This omelet makes a wonderful light dinner, and is an easy dish for a novice cook.

Cod with Pil Pil Sauce Recipe - Bacalao al Pil Pil

Bacalao al Pil Pil is a traditional Basque dish, but is well known all over Spain. It is simply made with salt cod (bacalao in Spanish), thin slices of garlic and olive oil.
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