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Spanish Fruit Desserts

Spanish fruit desserts can be as simple sliced fruit topped with cream or liqueur, to delicate fruit tarts and sweet bread dotted with candied fruit.

Orange Crepes Recipe - Crepes de Naranja
Crepes are eaten in Spain. Make a dozen crepes in about 20 minutes and fill with orange marmalade. It is an easy dessert or brunch recipe.

Bizcocho with Strawberries in Port Wine Sauce
When strawberries are in season, there's nothing more delightful than enjoying freshly sliced strawberries over a bit of cake. This recipe adds a bit of Spanish flair by using light Spanish Bizcocho and soaking the strawberries in a sweet Port wine sauce.

Manchego Cheese with Figs Recipe - Queso con Higos
Manchego Cheese with Figs and Pine Nuts is an incredibly simple dessert. There is no cooking involved. Slice cheese and dried figs. Arrange them on a plate with pine nuts and serve! It is a flavorful dessert that can be served any time of year. The nutty and salty taste of the cheese combines well with the sweet and chewy figs and crunchy pine nuts.

Spanish Spiced Fruit in Wine Recipe – Zurracapote
"Zurracapote" is an easy, fruit dessert from the north of Spain, not to be confused with the Spanish spiced wine drink of the same name. Soak dried fruit in water, then simmer in sweetened, spiced red wine for 15 minutes and you are done! Serve warm or cold, on its on or with vanilla ice cream. It's a perfect dessert for any time of year.

Spanish Custard and Berry-Filled Tart Recipe
The Spanish love custard and frequently use it as filling in tarts and pastries. This puff pastry tart is filled with custard and berry filling, then topped with a lattice-work of puff pastry. It is a good choice for a breakfast, brunch or a dinner party.

Berry Topping Recipe – Salsa de Frutas del Bosque
This simple fruit topping is easy to make and can be used on top of desserts such as “flan” and “natillas”, or as a filling in a “Brazo Gitano” cake roll. All it takes is simmering of a few cups of fresh or frozen fruit and some sugar and “Listo Ya!” It’s done. Refrigerate or freeze until ready to use.

Lemon Sorbet Recipe - Sorbete de Limon
Sorbets and ices of all types are popular around the Mediterranean, especially during the hot summers. However, any time of year that there is an abundance of fresh ripe lemons is a good time to prepare this lemon sorbet. Lemon sorbet is an easy Spanish dessert, sweet but tangy - making a great finish for a special dinner.

Baked Apples with Licor 43 Recipe – Manzanas Asadas con Licor 43
Apples are baked with a bit of sugar, but have a special twist - a couple tablespoons of sweet Spanish after-dinner liqueuer called Licor 43. This is a simple dessert that takes about 10 minutes of preparation and approximately 45 in the oven. It is one of the easiest Spanish dessert recipes yet!

Figs in Brandy Recipe - Higos al Brandy
Figs are a popular sweet throughout the Mediterranean, including Spain. Figs are eaten fresh in the spring and autumn, or dried and used in many kinds recipes. This is a colorful, festive-looking dessert that is simple to prepare, using fresh figs in a brandy syrup.

Creamy Apple Tart Recipe - Tartas de Manzana Individuales
These individual apple tarts have a light, flaky crust and an apple filling that is creamy, fresh and not too sweet. They are very attractive and make a good dessert for a festive occasion. Bake them in the morning and refrigerate until dinner. Warm them just before serving.

Peaches in Wine Recipe - Melocotones en Vino
Peaches in Wine is a fresh-tasting dessert that is a fabulous finish to a summer dinner. Peaches provide the "taste of summer" while the wine and cinnamon give this dessert its zing. This is a great make-ahead dessert.

Coca de Frutas de San Juan - St. John's Cake
The "Coca de Frutas de San Juan" is the traditional sweet prepared on the feast of St. John in June.

Membrillo con Queso - Quince Paste with Cheese
"Membrillo" is a typical dessert eaten in Spain, although it is also served with toast at the breakfast table. "Membrillo" or "Dulce de Membrillo" is a sweet, very dense jelly or paste made from the fruit of the quince tree. Try it with cheese for a light dessert or for breakfast.

Easy Spanish Apple Tart - Tarta de Manzana Casera
A very popular Spanish dish, especially in Northern Spain is "Tarta de Manzana" - Quick and Easy Apple Tart. Our version uses prepared puff pastry for crust, fresh tart green apples, and is topped with sweet and luscious apricot preserves to create a golden glaze and seal the apples.

Macedonia de Fruta Tropical - Tropical Fruit Salad Recipe
In Spain, fresh fruit is commonly served for dessert. This recipe is a simple fruit salad, to which you may add a splash of rum or sparkling wine or liqueur.

Peras al Vino - Pears in Wine
This delicious dessert recipe originates from the "País Vasco" or Basque Country in Northern Spain. It is made with fresh pears and white wine and is an elegant ending for a dinner any time of year, but especially in the summer or fall.

Spanish Fruit Trifle Recipe
The Spanish Fruit Trifle is a dessert that includes thick, creamy egg custard, a layer of liqueur-soaked lady fingers, and slices of fresh fruit drizzled with orange glaze. Colorful and attractive, as well as completely satisfying to those with a sweet tooth. The secret ingredient is a Spanish liqueur called "Licor 43."

Membrillo - Quince Paste
"Membrillo" is a typical dessert eaten in Spain, although it is also served with toast at the breakfast table. "Membrillo" or "Dulce de Membrillo" is a sweet, very dense jelly made from the fruit of the quince tree. It is a great alternative to pastry or doughnuts for breakfast or dessert.

Stuffed Catalan Baked Apples Recipe - Manzanas Rellenas del Ampurdan
These easy stuffed baked apples are from Ampurdan, a historical "county" in Gerona, an area of Cataluna. Green apples are filled with chopped nuts and dried fruit, then drizzled with honey and sweet wine. Bake for an hour and serve.

Mallorcan Orange Salad Recipe - Ensalada de Taronja
"Ensalada de taronja" in the Mallorquin language, or "orange salad" is a traditional recipe from the Mediterranean island of Mallorca. Enjoy this easy-to-prepare salad as a starter course, as a palate cleanser or a light dessert at the end of a big Spanish meal.

Figs in Butter and Honey Recipe - Higos en Manteqilla y Miel
Traditional Spanish cuisine makes use of fresh or dried figs in many types of recipes. Fresh figs are very sweet and practically melt in your mouth. This fig recipe is easy and takes about 10 minutes start to finish. Transform figs into a rich dessert by sautéing them in a bit of butter and drizzling with a touch of honey.

How to Make Creamy Apple Tart Step-by-Step
These individual apple tarts are easier to make than apple pie, with a filling of fresh apple slices, and bit of cream and egg. They make a beautiful ending to a holiday dinner or brunch

Top Spanish Berry Desserts
Fresh fruit is often served for dessert in Spain, however the Spanish like their sweets, too. These top berry desserts include a variety of dishes, like blueberry cheesecake flan, fruit trifle, and port wine soaked berries to name a few.

Peaches in Wine Recipe - Melocotones en Vino
Peaches in Port wine sauce is an easy, sweet, and surprisingly light dessert. Prepare in the summer, and into early autumn if fresh peaches are still available. Peaches combine with the sweet, musky taste of port and the cinnamon give it a sweet, fruity and tangy flavor.

Asturian Apple Fritters Recipe - Buñuelos de Manzana
These easy apple fritters are ready in about 20 minutes. Peel and slice apples, dip in a beer batter and fry. Coat with sugar, jam or whipped cream.

Spanish Wine-Poached Pears in Chocolate Recipe - Peras al Vino y Chocolate
Pears are poached in white wine and sugar, then chilled. Drizzle with melted chocolate and refrigerate.

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