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Spanish Holidays & Feasts

Spanish holidays and feasts are filled with scrumptious, mouthwatering dishes. Learn to prepare a true Spanish feast with our menus. We have created menus for lots of holidays, from Christmas and New Year, to Valentine's Day and the Super Bowl. ¡Olé!

Spanish Menu for Autumn
Sautéed mushrooms and alioli potatoes tapas start this autumn meal, followed by mixed green salad and Catalan chicken and rice. End the meal with creamy apple tartlets and espresso.

How to Host a Paella Party Step-by-Step
Hosting a paella party is a great way to add Spanish flare to your entertaining, either a casual summer patio party or a holiday celebration. With a little planning up front, you won't be slaving in the kitchen. Preparing the paella while everyone enjoys a tapa puts you at center stage surrounded by your guests. We've put together an entire...

Spanish New Year's Party
The Spanish love to celebrate with big "fiestas," processions, parades and fireworks. New Year's Eve is a classic Spanish party, starting at midnight and lasting until well after sunrise. Spanish sparkling wine, tapas and sweets are included in the celebrations. We've put together a list of food and drinks for your Spanish New Year's... Don't...

Easy Spanish Christmas Breakfast Menu
Everyone wants a special breakfast menu on Christmas morning, but nobody wants to spend all their time in the kitchen. So, prepare a Spanish breakfast including thick and rich Spanish hot chocolate, "churros" or "torrijas", fresh juice and a tropical fruit salad.

Spanish Christmas Sweets
Spain is a culinary crossroads, a cuisine formed by the confluence of different cultures over the centuries. Christmas is the time when this rich gastronomic mix is at its high point. There is so much variety that you’ll want to taste everything!

Last Minute Spanish Menu Ideas for Thanksgiving
Did your Thanksgiving plans fall through, or unexpected visitors arrived and now you need to plan a meal? Whatever the reason, if you haven't planned the meal, we have a Spanish menu for you that will serve 6 – and it doesn't involve defrosting a turkey! If you have been asked to bring a soup, salad or dessert, check our Spanish menu...

Spanish Christmas Menu - Menú de Noche Buena
In Spanish, Christmas Eve is called La Noche Buena or “The Good Night” and in Spain it is celebrated with a large family feast that is eaten late in the evening and can last a couple hours. Follow our menu to prepare your own Spanish Feast this Christmas.

Cava - Spanish Sparkling Wine
Spain makes some very fine sparkling wines called cava. It is made in the "mthode champenoise" or Champagne method, which is the same method that is used to make Champagne in France. Learn about how it is produced and which type to buy, depending on your taste!

Spanish Menu for July Fourth
How many years have you eaten burgers and dogs on the fourth? This year try something new! Add a bit of Spanish flare to your July 4th BBQ with any or all of these mouth-watering Spanish dishes - Spanish potato salad, melon and Serrano ham, turron ice cream and lemon sorbet. Or, just grill some lamb chops or Spicy Spanish pork "picadillo." Be sure to make lots of cold sangria so your guests don't…

Spanish Easter Brunch Menu
Breakfast and lunch unite to make a wonderful variety of dishes in brunch. Isn’t that why everyone enjoys it?! Our Spanish Easter Brunch menu is exactly that – a variety of the best breakfast dishes like a Spanish omelet and fresh squeezed orange juice to lunch dishes like soup, fresh seasonal vegetables, Spring lamb or rabbit with rice and...

Spanish Tapas Recipes for Lent
Spain is a Catholic country and during the season of Lent, the 40 days before Easter, Catholics abstain from eating meat on Fridays. If you are looking for a meatless "tapa", you won't run out of ideas with this list!

Spanish Main Course Recipes for Lent
In Catholic countries like Spain, during the season of Lent, (the 40 days before Easter,) Catholics abstain from eating meat on Fridays. The Spanish have a long list of tasty meatless main course recipes for Lent.

Spanish Easter Menu - Menu de Domingo de Pascua
If you are planning an Easter Day Menu, why not go Spanish?! This menu has a recipe for each course, from easy appetizers and fresh mixed green salad, to wonderful roast lamb and potatoes to delicious dessert of Catalan cream. Make one of the simple side dishes, the dessert, or go Spanish all the way.

Spanish Mother's Day Menu - Spanish Style Mother's Day
Are you having mom over for Mother’s Day? Would you like to make a meal that she will remember? Or, maybe you are a mother and you would like your family to prepare a special meal for you?! Try these Spanish dishes for a fabulously tasty meal that is not difficult to make.

Spanish Valentine's Day Menu
Create a romantic Spanish dinner on Valentine's Day with these easy recipes and you'll have more time to sit and enjoy a glass of bubbly Spanish "cava" with your sweetie! Langostinos with Pink Sauce for starters, then Mixed Green Salad and lean Pork Loin Madrilene and Paprika Potatoes. End with Spanish turron with a glass of "cava." This menu...

La Tomatina Festival - Tomato Fight
"La Tomatina" Festival - Tomato Fight in Buñol, Spain is one of the strangest food festivals! Situated in one of the principal tomato-growing regions of Spain, it seems appropriate that the famous tomato fight takes place in Buñol, near the city of Valencia. Every year for one hour, the streets turn red from ripe tomatoes being hurled in every direction!

Spanish Mother's Day Brunch Menu
Prepare an entire Spanish menu using fresh, seasonal Spring ingredients for a perfect Mother's Day brunch or a May dinner party, complete with appetizers and dessert with cava.

Spanish Dinner Menu for Winter
This menu is perfect for anytime, but it's especially good after the holiday season when everyone has eaten lots of rich food. The Red Peppers Stuffed with Tuna is simple, light tapa, and so is the first course - Grilled Eggplant in Tomato Vinaigrette. The entire menu can be made ahead of time, except the fried potatoes. You want them to serve hot & crispy fries with the Rioja-Style Chicken. A pe…

Spanish Holiday Brunch Menu
Christmas Day, New Year’s Day or any day this winter that you’d like to host a brunch or open house is a good day to try this Spanish holiday brunch menu. Some of the dishes require no cooking and most can be made the day before. The menu includes Spanish Cava, omelets, bacalao, turron and mantecados.

Spanish Spring Brunch Menu
The following brunch menu includes a potato omelet or "tortilla espanola," asparagus with alioli sauce, eggplant vinaigrette and garlicky shrimp. To finish off the meal, fresh "macedonia de fruta tropical." And what brunch would be complete without cold sparkling wine?

Dia de los Santos Inocentes Day of the Holy Innocents
There isnt a holiday in Spain that doesnt include eating tasty "tapas", feasting on an enormous meal, or munching delicious sweets and "Dia de los Santos Inocentes" is no exception.

In Spain It's Jueves Lardero, Not Mardi Gras
The rest of the world might focus on food on the Tuesday marking the end of "Carnaval", called Mardi Gras or Shrove Tuesday, but the Spanish chose a different day of the week. The Thursday that starts Carnaval, which is the week before Ash Wednesday is known as "Jueves Lardero" and the Spanish clean their pantries, eating lots of bread, chorizo...

How to Roast Suckling Lamb or Lechazo Asado
How to Roast Suckling Lamb or Lechazo Asado. The Spanish love roast suckling lamb, especially in Central and Northern Spain. It is simple to roast a suckling lamb. If it's not available from your butcher, purchase a leg of lamb and prepare it like the Spanish do - roasted slowly with garlic and olive oil. Serve the lamb with roast or fried...

Spanish Wine Battle - La Batalla del Vino
Every year on June 29th, the town of Haro in the heart of La Rioja is the site of a major battle. Hundreds of Spaniards celebrate by soaking each other with wine, using any means possible.

Spanish Menu Ideas for Father's Day
Two complete Father's Day menus for dinner. Need the Cool and Casual Menu, or the Traditional Dinner Menu? Both menus include cool, summertime dishes and refreshing drinks.

Spanish Picnic Menu
Everyone loves a picnic, and so many Spanish foods travel easily... Why not give your next picnic a Spanish theme? Make some "empanadillas", a "tortilla de patata", a batch of "gazpacho" and pack a bottle of "cava", Spanish sparkling wine and/or a light albarino. Finish the meal with some "crema de limon" or morsels of classic almond candy,...

Mid-Summer Spanish Tapas Menu
This Spanish dinner menu perfect for a summer buffet for six. Cucumber and Tomato salads, a Spanish omelet, breaded beef fillets accompanied by slices of Spanish chorizo sausage. Be sure to slice rustic baguettes and open a bottle of Spanish red wine. Serve a classic Spanish dessert of Membrillo and cheese.

Orujo Festival in Potes - Fiesta del Orujo en Potes
Orujo, a traditional Spanish liqueur made from grape skins has its own festival! Every year on the second weekend of November, the small Cantabrian town of Potes hosts a three-day festival dedicated to the traditional distilled liqueur, called orujo. Fireworks, processions, demonstrations and free orujo tastings attract thousands of visitors...

Host a Spanish Barbecue or Parrillada
Two Spanish "Parrillada" (Barbecue) Menus appropriate for warm summer weather and patio dining. Both menus provides several dishes for each course - from Tapas to Dessert, as well as drink suggestions. Pick and choose, mix and match as you wish. There is no right or wrong way to throw a "parrillada."

Traditional Spanish Desserts for Carnival
Top traditional sweets for Carnaval in Spain, including chulas, leche frita, orejas, casadielles, and tortillas de carnaval.

7 Days of Summer Meals from Spain
Mix and Match dishes for an entire week of Spanish food. Create unique menus with salads, cold soups, main dishes and desserts.

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