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Spanish New Year's Party

Tapas, Cava, Sweets and Grapes are all Part of the Spanish "Noche Vieja"


Varieties of Spanish Turron - Spanish Almond Nougat Candy

Varieties of Spanish Turron - Spanish Almond Nougat Candy

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The Spanish start their celebrations late in the evening and New Year's Eve or Noche Vieja is no different. Some Spaniards celebrate with family or friends at home. However, many young people ring in the new year at clubs or restaurants, buying tickets ahead of time. Once inside, they are provided with plenty of cocktails and cava, Spanish sparkling wine.

In preparation for midnight, everyone fills their glasses with cava and has a dozen grapes ready. When the bells ring out at midnight, everyone starts popping grapes in their mouths - one for each ring of the bell. Finish your grapes by the time the bells stop tolling and you'll have good luck in the new year! About's Guide to Spain writes about his experiences during New Year's Eve in Spain in his article, What is New Year's Eve Like in Spain?

Whether or not you are in Spain, add a little Spanish flare to your New Year's Eve by giving out grapes just before midnight, or adding a bit of Rioja Wine or Lemon Sorbet to your sparkling wine flutes. After all, there's still time to buy grapes at the market. While you're there, why not buy some Spanish chorizo, ham or ingredients to prepare some Spanish tapas, too? We've put together a list of Spanish food and drinks:

  • Top Spanish Tapas: This list contains the most popular Spanish "tapas" or appetizers from Bravas Potatoes to Spanish Omelet.

  • Cava,Spanish Sparkling Wine: A Good Quality, Economical Alternative to French Champagne. Try mixing up some Spanish Sparkling Wine Lemon Sorbet for an extra-special drink for this evening's celebration.

  • Rioja Wine Sorbet - Sorbete de Vino Rioja: A small scoop of this beautiful pink sorbet will make your sparkling wine even more festive.

  • Lemon Sorbet - Sorbete de Limon: This refreshingly tart and sweet sorbet combines well with chilled white wine or sparkling wine.

  • Turron, Spanish Almond Candy: What Spanish holiday celebration would be complete without turron? Buy several boxes and cut the "bricks" into bite-sized pieces to serve on small plates scattered around the party.

  • FAQ: Where can I buy Spanish food?: Not sure where to buy turron or ingredients for Spanish tapas? Buy Spanish food in gourmet and ethnic food stores, or order over the internet from any one of the sites on this list.

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