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Spanish Easter Sunday Menu with Recipes - Menu de Domingo de Pascua


Cordero Asado - Roast Lamb

Cordero Asado - Roast Lamb

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Appetizer - Calamares Fritos or Calamares a la Romana - Fried Squid:

Calamares Fritos or Calamares a la Romana are rings of squid that are lightly floured and fried. With a bit of lemon juice squeezed over them, these rings of squid are a tasty way to start a meal.

Mixed Green Salad – Ensalada Mixta:

Ensalada Mixta is a delightful and colorful mix of lettuce and vegetables such as tender white asparagus, tomatoes, carrots and much, much more! Some of the ingredients may be a bit of a surprised to Americans, but it is a fresh and tasty way to enjoy a big green salad.

Entree - Roast Lamb - Cordero Asado or Lamb Chops - Chuletas de Cordero:

Cordero Asado - Roasted Lamb with lots of garlic is a great main course for Easter, especially since spring is the time of year lambs give birth. That means fresh lamb is fresh and abundant - and usually on special at the butcher.

Chuletas de Cordero - Lamb Chops if you prefer to make a simpler main course. Lamb chops take less time, but still give the rich and juicy flavor of lamb and garlic.

Potatoes a la Importancia - Patatas a la Importancia:

Patatas a la Importancia These “important” potatoes are rich and flavorful and will be a big hit at the table and will go well with the tender and juicy roast lamb.

Green Beans with Garlic - Alubias Verdes con Ajo:

Alubias Verdes con Ajo is a simple, easy and very fresh dish with that distinct garlic flavor. It is an easy way to add another vegetable to your table that everyone will enjoy.

Dessert - Catalan Cream - Crema Catalana:

Crema Catalana is delicious and creamy, with a lemon flavor. It is an easy recipe that is a fresh, light dessert to finish off a wonderful Spanish meal!
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