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Spanish Mother's Day Menu


Spanish Fruit Trifle

Spanish Fruit Trifle

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Along with a short description of each Spanish dish are total estimated preparation/cooking time and information on whether you can make the dish ahead. Since there are several dishes that can be made ahead of time, divide up the cooking duties between your siblings and each one can bring the dish they prepared. It’s easy to email family members the links to the recipes and share the chef spotlight (and the work).

Garlic Shrimp - Gambas al Ajillo, Spanish Tapa:

Make this Spanish tapa at the last minute, just as the guests arrive, so that they are piping hot. Make sure that you give your guests lots of paper napkins, so they can clean their fingers instead of licking them! This recipe is quick and easy and will not take longer than 20 minutes.

Spanish Omelet - Tortilla de Patata, Spanish Tapa:

Tortilla Espanola, Tortilla de Patata, or in English Spanish or Potato Omelet is truly the national dish of Spain, made with fried potatoes, onions and eggs. Make the tortilla, a few hours ahead and let it rest. Then, cut into small squares and serve it with slices of fresh baguette. If you prefer, learn How to Make Tortilla Espanola with a Step-by-Step, complete with photos. A tortilla takes only about 35-40 minutes total preparation and cooking time and is not difficult.

First Course - Mixed Green Salad - Ensalada Mixta:

Spanish make fresh green salads that refresh the palette. The reason is probably because a simple green salad complements the other Spanish dishes, which are so flavorful. With this recipe, you’ll need Romaine or Iceburg lettuce, tomatoes and sliced red or yellow onions. This is another dish that you can prepare ahead of time and dress it when you place it on the table. Total preparation time is only about 10 minutes.

Main Course - Extremaduran Lamb Stew - Caldereta Extremena de Cordero:

This lamb stew recipe that is originally from the region of Extremadura, Spain is a rich-tasting lamb dish and is comfort food. The lamb is browned, then simmered in onions, carrots and wine. Then, a puree of red pepper and garlic is mixed in to create a thick red, rich sauce. This rich takes about an hour from start to finish. Serve with rice or fried potatoes.

Side Dish - Fried Potatoes - Patatas Fritas:

Simple home-fried potatoes are the best - Fried in Spanish virgin olive oil. In 10 minutes the potatoes can be peeled and cut, and another 10-15 minutes to fry.

Dessert - Spanish Fruit Trifle:

The Spanish Fruit Trifle is a dessert that includes thick, creamy egg custard, a layer of liqueur-soaked lady fingers, and slices of fresh fruit drizzled with orange glaze. Colorful and attractive, as well as completely satisfying to those with a sweet tooth. Although the recipe includes strawberries and kiwis, substitute any fresh fruit of your liking. Whiel the custard is cooling, slice the fruit. Put it all together, and in about 45 minutes the dessert is done!

Spanish Wines:

For Mother's Day, or any celebration, you can't go wrong when you serve a Spanish wine. Pair a red wine from La Rioja or Ribera region with the lamb, and serve a chilled glass of cava with dessert.
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