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How to Host a Paella Party Step-by-Step


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Step 2 - Print all Recipes for Shopping List & Shop
Print Recipes & Write a Shopping List

Print Recipes & Write a Shopping List

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A few days before the party, print the recipes you will use and check the cupboards for ingredients, and equipment. Write your shopping list. If you are entertaining a larger group than the recipe yields, remember to adjust amounts of ingredients.

Remember that items like Spanish saffron may not be available at your local grocers, so plan ahead. You may need to purchase at an ethnic or gourmet market, or via the internet.

Tip: Seafood dishes are best when the ingredients are at their freshest. If fresh seafood is available in your area, purchase it a day before or the day of the party. If fresh seafood is not available, keep all seafood frozen until the day of the party.

If you purchase the bread ahead of time, be sure to freeze it to maintain freshness.

About's Guide to Entertaining has a very helpful article, How To Prepare a Shopping List For a Party which we recommend reading before leaving the house.

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