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Spanish Mother's Day Brunch

Spanish Style Mother's Day Brunch or a May Dinner Party


What better way to make mom happy than to show her that you aren't just eating your vegetables, but know how to cook them, too? Fresh seasonal ingredients of Spring make this menu perfect for a Mother's Day brunch or a dinner party in May. Start with a Spanish omelet as an appetizer and continue with creamy prawn soup, fresh asparagus, green beans, lamb and potatoes. Finish up with fresh strawberry flan.

Tortilla Espanola - Spanish omelet

Tortilla Espanola - Spanish Omelet
Lisa Sierra
The "tortilla espanola" or "tortilla de patata," served with a thinly sliced, crusty baguett makes a great start to any meal, but especially for a Mother's Day brunch or May menu. Potatoes and onions are fried and cooked with beaten eggs. If you want to serve something a bit different, try adding slices of green pepper for sweetness.

Creamy Spanish Prawn Soup Recipe - Sopa de Carabineros

Sopa de Carabineros – Creamy Spanish Prawn Soup (c)
Lisa Sierra (c) 2009 Licensed to About.com Inc.
This creamy Spanish soup has large shrimp, or "carabineros" as well as fish, half-and-half and tarragon.

Esparragos Gratinados - Asparagus with Serrano Ham and Béchamel Sauce

Esparragos Gratinados - Asparagus with Serrano Ham and Bechamel Sauce
Lisa Sierra
Spanish love asparagus prepared just about any – steamed, canned or fresh, plain or with sauce. This dish uses fresh green asparagus which is lightly steamed. Then, small bunches of spears are wrapped in a paper-thin slice of Serrano ham and drizzled with béchamel sauce. Topped with a sprinkle of grated parmesan cheese, they are baked until golden brown on top.

Green Beans with Ham and Peppers Recipe - Alubias Verdes con Jamon y Pimientos

Spanish Green Beans with Ham and Peppers Recipe - Alubias Verdes con Jamon y Pimientos (c)
Lisa Sierra (c) 2009 Licensed to About.com Inc.
Fresh green beans are steamed, then saute garlic and peppers, and toss with bits of Serrano ham. It is a quick and easy vegetable dish. Mix with scrambled eggs if you have leftovers.

Chuletas de Cordero - Grilled Lamb Chops with Garlic

Chuletas de Cordero - Lamb Chops
In the central and north of Spain, there is nothing equal to fresh suckling lamb. Tender, juicy grilled lamb chops, rubbed with garlic and salt are simple, quick and will disappear quickly.

Patatas a la Importancia - Potatoes "a la Importancia"

patatas a la importancia
These "important" potatoes are bathed in a rich sauce, full of finely chopped onions and a bit of saffron. They are sure to be a big hit at the table and will go well with grilled chops or any roast meat. The best part is that you can make them in the morning and refrigerate them. Warm just before serving.

Flan de Fresas - Strawberry Flan

Flan de Fresas - Strawberry Flan
This rich dessert is a variation of the traditional Spanish dessert called "Flan." Instead of vanilla, this flan is flavored with fresh strawberries. Don't worry about fussing with this dessert at the last minute. Make it in the morning or the night before and remove from the fridge just before serving. Garnish with strawberry slices for a colorful end to the meal.

Cava - Spanish Sparkling Wine

Spanish Cava & Christmas Sweets (c)
Lisa Sierra (c) 2008 Licensed to About.com
Spain produces many fine sparkling wines, called cava. Chill some champagne flutes and serve a glass of bubbly for your celebration.
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