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Hot Spanish Soups

Soups of all kinds are popular in Spain, often served as a first course at the afternoon meal. Everything from vegetable, seafood, meat or poultry could be used to make delicious, hearty Spanish soups.

Spanish Ahi and Shrimp Soup Recipe - Sopa de Atun y Gambas
Ahi tuna chunks, shrimp, littleneck clams and crab are simmered in a seafood broth along with garlic, onion and sweet green pepper. This soup can be prepared in under an hour and served as a first course, or a main dish. Pair this flavorful seafood soup-stew with rustic bread and a salad for a complete meal.

Galician Broth Recipe - Caldo Gallego
Galician Broth or "Caldo Gallego" is the traditional dish of Galicia, Spain. It is a region of rolling hills with cool, wet weather year-round. Galician Broth is the emblematic dish of the region and is eaten any time of the year, because it is inexpensive, nutritious and is a great way to warm up. Greens, potatoes, beans and pork flavor this popular soup.

Spanish Toasted Soup Recipe - Sopa Tostada de Castilla-La Mancha
Sautéed onions and garlic swim in hot chicken broth, and a piece of crispy toast topped with melted cheese floats on the surface. Just what you need on a cold winter day, right? This easy soup recipe takes about 30 minutes to prepare and it's sure to satisfy you up any day of the year.

Spanish Cream of Squash Soup Recipe - Crema de Calabaza
This hot and creamy Spanish soup made of squash, apple and chicken makes a perfect first course for an autumn dinner. Substitute turkey for the chicken, so it's a great way to use leftover turkey from Thanksgiving dinner! Using a pressure cooker, this soup can be prepared in about a little over an hour.

Spanish Clam and Rice Soup Recipe - Arroz Caldoso de Berberechos
In Spain "Arroz Caldoso" (or Soupy Rice), is a popular way to eat rice. When rice is prepared with broth and combined with meat or shellfish and vegetables, it makes a good first course for the Spanish midday meal. This recipe for "arroz caldoso" with small clams is full of flavor and easy to prepare in about 40-45 minutes.

Creamy Spanish Prawn Soup Recipe - Sopa de Carabineros
Soups are a very popular first course in Spain. This creamy soup is full of "carabineros" or large shrimp and fish, mixed with fish stock, half-and-half and tarragon. It's a tasty soup, perfect for cold autumn and winter dinners.

Sopa de Ajo Castilian Garlic Soup
This soup is an old classic from the province of Castilla, Spain. It is easy to make and if you have garlic, olive oil, paprika and a bit of ham in the fridge, you have the ingredients to prepare it!

Riojan Potato Soup Recipe Patatas Riojanas
La Rioja is a region in the north of Spain, most famous for its quality wines. The cuisine of La Rioja may not be as famous as its wines, but there are some fabulous, classic dishes from the area like "patatas riojanas." It is a simple soup with chunks of potatoes, Spanish chorizo sausages, onion, garlic and Spanish paprika. It's guaranteed to satisfy your hunger and warm you from the inside out.

Spanish Seafood Soup Recipe – Cazuela Marinera
There are many seafood recipes in the Spanish cuisine and each region has their own favorites. This seafood dish combines mussels and clams with garlic, green onions and white wine and has a rich seafood flavor. We recommend adding cooked rice to the soup as you serve it. Delicious and simple!

Creamy Spanish Shrimp Soup Recipe - Crema de Gambas con Mejillones
Soups of all kinds are popular in Spain, often served as a first course at the afternoon meal. This is a light and creamy soup, combining both fresh shrimp and mussels with dry Spanish sherry, paprika, whole milk and cream. It is an easy recipe that is appropriate for either brunch or dinner.

Spanish Lentil Soup Recipe - Sopa de Lentejas
Lentil soup is a traditional first course in Spain. It is easy, tasty and full of nutrients, too. Lentils and cooked with carrots, potatoes and garlic, among other vegetables and combine to make a delicious and filling soup. It is typical to eat lentil soup throughout the winter. Omit the pork from this recipe and eat it during Lent.

Sopa de Pollo con Fideos - Spanish Chicken Noodle Soup
This soup is a typical first course in Spanish households, regardless of the region. Spanish love soups and seem to eat them whether it is winter or summer. This soup is perfect for those cold winter evenings when you need something to warm you from the inside out. Luckily, it is an easy soup to make.

Spanish Vegetable Soup Recipe - Menestra de Verduras
“Menestra de verduras” is a wonderful dish, full of fresh vegetables and a bit of Serrano ham. Don't have all the ingredients? Don't worry! The great thing about this dish is that you can use whatever vegetables are in season at the time. So, you might substitute spinach, swiss chard, asparagus, leek or faba beans.

Sopa de Pastor Manchego - Manchego Shepherd Soup
This soup from the region of La Mancha is a good starter for a dinner or a main course for a light meal. It is a variation of "sopa de ajo" or garlic soup. It includes bits of Spanish ham and cooked egg to give it flavor and substance.

Chicken Noodle & Garbanzo Soup Recipe – Sopa de Pollo con Fideos y Garbanzos
Chicken noodle soup is popular, no matter where in the world you go. The Spanish love their soups, particularly with noodles or "fideos." This easy Spanish soup also has the added flavor and nutrition of garbanzo beans, carrot, onion and leek. Using a pressure cooker and canned garbanzo beans, prepare this delicious soup in less than an hour.

Sopa de Pescado y Marisco Fish and Shellfish Soup
Spanish love fish and seafood and no wonder - Spain is surrounded by water on three sides! This soup combines fish, clams and shrimp with rice for a rich and flavorful dish.

Eugenia's Bean and Chorizo Soup
At their large midday meal, the Spanish generally eat soup as a first course. This soup is a tasty and easy version of Eugenia's bean soup, complete with Spanish chorizo and vegetables. Traditionally, this soup would be made with dried garbanzo beans, which must be soaked overnight and cooked for over an hour. To reduce cooking time, this recipe uses canned beans.

Chorizo, Red Wine, Potatoes and Cabbage Soup Recipe
In Spain, chorizo sausage is often used as an ingredient in stews and soups, as well as cooked in red wine and served with rustic bread. This simple-to-prepare dish bakes a combination of fresh chorizo and red wine with potatoes, cabbage, onion and carrots. It is a wonderful first course or main course, particularly in colder weather.

Malaga Noodle Soup Recipe - Cazuela de Fideos a la Malaguena
Malaga Noodle Soup, or in Spanish "Cazuela de Fideos a la Malaguena" is a wonderful combination of noodle soup with the delicate broth flavored with clams, white wine, garlic and sweet peppers. Potatoes and ground almonds give it extra body. Serve as a first course for any dinner this fall or winter.

Spanish Paprika Potatoes with Garlic Recipe - Patatas Pimenton con Ajillo
Paprika Potatoes with Garlic is a very typical first course in northern Spain. The slices of potatoes are flavored with Spanish paprika and garlic, and has broth, but is not quite a soup. It is an easy, classic Spanish first course, that is perfect to start dinner on chilly evenings.

Spanish Zucchini Soup Recipe - Pure de Calabacin
This simple and easy soup is made almost entirely of gently sauteed vegetables and broth. Beaten eggs added at the end of cooking help create a thick and smooth consistency. It has a rich vegetable flavor, and is a good recipe for novice cooks.

Lentils and Rice Recipe - Lentejas con Arroz
Lentils, or "lentejas" in Spanish are a popular and traditional dish, particularly in winter soups and stews. Sauté the onions, garlic and potatoes, then simmer with the lentils and spices. Mix in the rice, and the soup is ready. Serve as a meatless main course, or as a first course soup.

Spanish Carrot Soup Recipe - Crema de Zanahoria
Easy carrot soup, that is creamy and delicious. Prepare this simple Spanish recipe in 25 minutes.

Basque Leek & Vegetable Soup Recipe - Porrusalda
This traditional Basque soup is called "Porrusalda," and in Basque means "leek broth." The chicken broth base is chocked full of onions, carrots and potatoes, in addition to leeks.

Spanish Almond Soup Recipe - Sopa de Almendras Salada
Ground almonds, onions, peppers, broth and milk combine to make this creamy soup, traditional cuisine of Andalucia, Spain.

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