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Main Courses

From "paella" and beyond - Spanish main courses have many regional varieties that use the products of the area. From the stews of the damp northwest to fresh fish caught on the Mediterranean coast, and the roast lamb of the central plain, learn to prepare all of them!
  1. Beef Recipes (24)
  2. Chicken Recipes (27)
  3. Egg & Cheese Dishes (9)
  4. Feathered & Furred Game (16)
  5. Fish & Seafood Recipes (49)
  6. Lamb Recipes (11)
  7. Paella & Rice Dishes (20)
  8. Pork and Sausage Recipes (30)

Leftover Turkey Recipes - Ways to Use Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey
Tired of leftover turkey with mayo on white bread? We have ideas for two turkey sandwiches with lots of flavor, and a Spanish flair. How about turkey with blue cheese and balsamic syrup, or turkey with brie and membrillo?

Spanish Stew with Mushrooms Recipe - Estofado con Setas
Stews are commonly eaten in Spain. In the Castilla-Leon region, where this recipe originates, they are particularly popular because of the cold winters. This “estofado” is full of fresh vegetables and mushrooms, giving it a rich, down-to-earth taste. Served with home-fried potatoes, it makes a complete dinner for fall or winter.

Estofados Espanoles
The Spanish eat plenty of soups and stews, especially in central Spain and the colder regions. "Estofados" or "Cocidos," as they are called in Spanish, vary from region to region and use the meat and fresh vegetables that are in season. So, they might be beef, veal, rabbit or chicken-based.

Garbanzos y Pimientos - Garbanzo and Pepper Stew Garbanzos y Pimientos
Garbanzos are a very typical ingredient in Spain, eaten quite often in the colder weather. Although this recipe has several steps, the cooking skills required are minimal and the results are tasty!

Pavo con Patatas y Setas - Turkey with Potatoes and Mushrooms
Turkey the Spanish way! Turkey breast cooked in white wine, mushrooms and potatoes makes a wonderful stew for colder weather. It is also a great change from the standard roast turkey so often eaten in the USA.

Quick and Easy Spanish Main Courses
Between traffic jams, shuttling the kids to and from sports and driving to piano lessons, weeknight schedules don't allow much time for cooking. Yet most of us prefer home-cooked meals to fast food dining. So, we put together our list of quick and easy main courses that use ingredients that nearly everyone has in the pantry or all supermarkets carry. Add a green salad and a baguette to any of …

Spanish Garlic Main Course Recipes
Garlic is an essential ingredient of Spanish cuisinee and used in many dishes. This list of main course recipes are perfect for garlic lovers.

Top Spanish Recipes for Students
Students' wallets may not be fat with cash or plastic, but they need to "fill up" to keep burning the midnight oil. Many students are away from home and cooking on their own for the first time, too. So, we've put together a list of quick and easy Spanish food recipes just for students. All require no more than the basic frying pan or stock pot and no complicated cooking techniques. All use ine…

Typical Spanish Revueltos
A "revuelto" is a dish of scrambled eggs mixed with other ingredients. In Spain, you will find "revueltos" served in bars and restaurants, but they are also cooked at home. They are often served for dinner in Spanish homes, since the preparation is simpler and quicker than an omelet. There is a huge variety of Spanish "revueltos".

Spanish Meals for Summer in 15 Minutes or Less
Summertime means longer days, more outdoor activities and entertainment, which leaves less time for cooking in the kitchen. So, we've put together a list of Spanish recipes that can be prepared in 15 minutes or less! The list includes Spanish main courses and tapas that can double as main dishes. Fresh, nutritious and delicious Spanish meals in...

Spanish Bread Crumbs Recipe - Migas de Pan
A traditional Spanish shepherd's meal, "migas" is made from stale bread, olive oil, salt and garlic. This is delicious peasant food. It's a dish every grandma or great-grandma in Spain has prepared, although each and everyone probably has their own recipe. Serve with fried peppers, Spanish chorizo sausage, or grapes.

Lentils and Rice Recipe - Lentejas con Arroz
Lentils, or "lentejas" in Spanish are a popular and traditional dish, particularly in winter soups and stews. Sauté the onions, garlic and potatoes, then simmer with the lentils and spices. Mix in the rice, and the soup is ready. Serve as a meatless main course, or as a first course soup.

Spanish Beans with Rice Recipe - Alubias con Arroz
Bean dishes are very common all over Spain and make great meals for the fall and winter. Beans are low in fat and full of nutrients like calcium and potassium, not to mention fiber. This bean dish is a simple, flavorful dish that contains no meat. Eaten with rice, it makes an entire meal in a single bowl!

Easy Cuban Rice Recipe - Arroz Cubano
"Arroz Cubano" or "Arroz a la Cubana" is a common dish served in Spanish homes. It's a great option for a quick and simple dinner. A bed of white rice, ladled with tomato sauce then topped with a fried egg.

Basque Pepper Omelet Recipe - Piperrada con Huevos
Piperrada is a sauce made of onions, peppers and tomatoes, typical of the Basque Country. It can be served with a variety of fish or meat, including tuna. This recipe combines "piperrada" with scrambled eggs to create a tasty omelet, perfect as a main course for breakfast or dinner.

Top Spanish Main Courses with Fruit
Many Mediterranean recipes include fruit with meat, chicken and seafood. This is the list of top main courses from Spain, that include fruit.

Marinated Pork Kabobs with Cumin and Mint Recipe - Brochetas de Cerdo
Simple main course of pork kabobs, marinated in balsamic vinegar, oil, cumin, mint and paprika.

7 Ways to Add Spanish Flavor to Hamburger
Seven easy ways to add some Spanish flavor and spice up your burgers.

Spanish Adobo Recipes
Adobos are traditional marinades made with spices, oil and vinegar, and easy to prepare. Use adobos to flavor pork, red meats, poultry and game.

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