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How to Cook the Perfect Paella - Spanish Paella Rice Recipe


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Step 5 - Add the Rice and Stir to Coat
Add Rice to the Paella Pan

Add Rice to the Paella Pan and Stir to Coat

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Add the rice to the pan, and stir to thoroughly coat the rice grains with the oil and juices from the pan.

Rice for a Perfect Paella

Rice, or "arroz" in Spanish is the most important part of any paella. It is after all, a rice dish. The most appropriate rice for paella is the kind grown in the region of Valencia. This type of short-grain rice is often referred to as arroz bomba, and is pearl-colored.

Although you may use any kind of rice in paella, short-grain is the most commonly used in Spain. Why? Because arroz bomba absorbs more water and flavor. It also expands two to three times its' original size.

How much rice do you need? Although this will depend on the type of rice you use, the general rule is to use 2.5 to 3.5 ounces (75 to 100 grams) of dry rice per serving. So, to make a paella for 8 people, you would need 1.25 lbs. of dry rice.

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