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How to Cook the Perfect Paella - Spanish Paella Rice Recipe


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Step 6 - Add Saffron and Broth to Paella - Simmer Rice
Add Brother to Paella & Simmer (c)

Add Brother to Paella & Simmer

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A few fragile saffron threads gives an entire paella its' characteristic yellow rice, and adds a unique and delicate flavor. Crush saffron threads between your fingers and stir into the broth you will use. Slowly pour the broth into the pan until the contents are covered. Spread rice and other ingredients evenly over bottom of pan using a wooden spoon or paddle. Simmer to cook the rice. Monitor the progress and add more broth if needed.

Add any other ingredients, like strips of pepper over the top.

For Seafood Paella Versions: Arrange mussel halves around outside edge of pan. Place raw clams and shrimp on top, and spread evenly around the pan.

Perfect Paella Tip: Do not stir, or disturb the rice while it is cooking.

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