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Many people think that cooking Spanish food must take a lot of time because they've been to Spain and had delicious three, four or five course meals. The truth is that most Spanish dishes are simple, not complicated - and do not take long to prepare. Rice, soups, stews and beans are eaten daily and may need to be simmered. That's not a problem because you can prepare a salad and side dish while your stew or soup simmers. Many Spanish cooks use pressure cookers to reduce the cooking time of the lovely traditional Spanish dishes.
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Easy Meat

Chuletas de cerdo - Pork Chops

Spanish eat many different first courses and main courses containing meat. The most popular are pork, lamb and veal.

Easy Seafood

Langostinos Valencianos - Valencian Prawns

With hundreds of miles of coastline, the Spanish have access to fresh seafood year-round. They eat seafood of all kinds. The Spanish roast, bake, fry or saute seafood and many recipes can be prepared in a half-hour.

Easy Poultry and Game

Estofado de Pollo - Spanish Chicken Stew

Chicken and hen are eaten often in Spain. However, game birds such as partridge and quail are popular as well. Spanish eat many types of game, depending upon the region. Many dishes are based on traditional recipes that allow you to taste the full flavor of the meat, but are not complicated to prepare.

Easy Salads

Ensalada Mixta

Vegetable dishes in Spain, including salads are ever-present on the table, as with all the Mediterranean cultures. The Spanish love fresh vegetables and that includes a variety of simple salads, that are not drowned by highly seasoned dressings.

Easy Soups and Beans

Sopa de Pastor Manchego - Manchego Shepherd Soup

The traditional Spanish meal includes a hearty soup for a first or second course. These usually includes fresh vegetables of the season, but are not difficult to prepare.

Easy Desserts

Crema Catalana

Turron, almond nougat candy and Flan, vanilla custard with caramel sauce are probably the two most famous Spanish desserts, but there are so many other sweets you will find on the Spanish table and many of them are easy to prepare.

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