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Sausages & Ham

Spanish love their chorizo and jamon, but there are many varieties of both. Morcilla, salchichón and lomo are a few sausages. Sausages are eaten with a piece of bread or added to soups, stews - cocidos or estofados. Ham comes in all qualities and prices and is eaten alone or used in recipes. Both of these are staples of Spanish cuisine, no matter how they are served!

Chorizo Recipe - Spanish Pork Sausage
If you have visited Spain or eaten in a Spanish bodega or restaurant, you have probably eaten Spanish chorizo, pork sausage seasoned with paprika and garlic. It is a staple of the Spanish diet and comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Families all over Spain make their own in the autumn. This chorizo recipes is a Spanish family recipe, edited by Francie Vicondoa.

Omelet with Chorizo Sausage - Tortilla de Chorizo
This omelet is a simple one that has lots of flavor with Spanish chorizo sausage slices. It makes a great breakfast, light lunch or an appetizer or "tapa."

Chorizo Sausage - Many Varieties
Spanish "chorizo," pork sausage seasoned with paprika and garlic is eaten all over Spain. It comes in all shapes and sizes - fresh, soft, semi-cured and dry to name a few.

Jamn Serrano and Jamn Ibrico - Serrano and Ibrico Ham
Spanish hams, both Serrano and Ibrico are greatly prized as gourmet food in Spain and around the world. Find out why!

Introduction to Morcilla
Morcilla is generally a thicker sausage, about 2 1/2 to 3 inches across, stuffed with pigs blood, rice, onions and spices. It is eaten as a "tapa" or put into stews.

La Española Meats
This shop is located in Southern California and is one of the best ways to purchase Spanish-style sausages, meats and hams - and they will ship right to your front door. They carry cheeses, turron, and other Spanish food specialty items, too.

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