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Langostinos with Spanish Sauces

Romesco, Alioli, Mojo Picon or Mojo de Cilantro Make Great Dipping Sauces


Langostinos Cocidos - Boiled Prawns (c)

Langostinos Cocidos - Boiled Prawns

(c) 2007 L. Sierra Licensed to About.com

If ever there were a simple, make-ahead tapa, this is it! First, prepare a Spanish sauce or two, like rich, delicious romesco sauce, made with roasted red peppers, almonds and olive oil. Then, boil whole “langostinos” and cool. Serve the sauces on the side and let everyone peel and dip the “langostinos” in the sauce of their choice!

This langostino recipe makes 6 servings.


Prepare the Langostinos Cocidos - Boiled Prawns recipe. Allow to cool and refrigerate as specified in the recipe.

Spanish Sauces

While the langostinos are cooling, prepare one or more of the following sauces:

More Tapas with Sauces

Do you want more variety? Try preparing Calamares Fritos (Calamares a la Romana) - Fried Squid and serve alongside the langostinos and sauces. Calamares are also great dipped in the Spanish sauces.

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