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Side Dishes

Recipes for side dishes to complete your Spanish feast. The Spanish have so many great side dishes - from vegetables and potatoes to rice and seafood.
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Easy White Beans with Mushrooms Recipe - Alubias Blancas con Champiñones
White beans and mushrooms are a bit of an unexpected combination, but tasty dish. This vegetarian recipe is a solid first course, perfect for serving before a roast beef or pork main course. It is a simple, nutritious and economical recipe that can also make a light dinner served with green salad and bread.

Easy Spanish White Beans with Chard and Pancetta Recipe
This Spanish white bean recipe is a good first course, particularly when you are short on time. It takes just 15 minutes to prepare and makes a solid start to a meal. Garlic, Swiss chard and pancetta combine to create an appetizing blend of flavors from the Mediterranean.

Mushroom & Shrimp-Stuffed Baby Artichokes Recipe - Alcachofas rellenas
Like all Mediterraneans, the Spanish prepare artichokes in many ways - in salads, in soups or by themselves. Baby artichokes are particularly popular and tender and combine well with seafood and garlic. First, steam the baby artichokes then stuff them with garlicky brandy-sauteed shrimp and mushrooms. It is a great starter for an authentic Spanish meal.

Spanish Artichokes with Shrimp Recipe - Alcachofas con Gambas
Artichokes, garlic, potatoes and shrimp are cooked in a seafood broth. It makes a tasty first course, particularly in spring when fresh artichokes are plentiful.

Roasted Paprika Potatoes Recipe – Patatas con Pimenton
Roasted potatoes combined with paprika are the perfect complement to a Spanish meal. Using a microwave to speed up roasting time, you can cook up these potatoes in less than a half hour. Now that's quick and easy!

Berenjenas a la Mallorquina - Mallorcan-Style Stuffed Eggplant
Berenjenas a la Mallorquina or Mallorcan-Style Eggplant is a great side dish that includes ground pork, garic, onion and diced Serrano ham.

Langostinos con Salsa Rosa - Prawns with Pink Sauce
"Langostinos" are large prawns that are normally served with the heads on, giving them much more flavor. Served with pink sauce, they are absolutely delicious and simple to make. They are a great start to a meal...

Patatas a la Importancia Recipe - How to Make Patatas a la Importancia
"Patatas a la Importancia" as the name implies are “potatoes of importance.” These are one rich, delicious potatoes! Potatoes are first coated in flour and egg and fried. Then, they are simmered in a rich sauce of onions, garlic and broth. Unforgettable!

Patatas con Ajo y Perejil – Potatoes with Garlic and Parsley
“Patatas con Ajo y Perejil” is a simple side dish. Although it is a great vegetarian dish, it could also be served as a “tapa” along with a bit of “alioli” (a sort of garlic mayonnaise). If you like your dishes extra garlicky, add another clove! These “chips” are also a great addition to a Lenten fish meal.

Patatas Fritas - Fried Potatoes
Potatoes fried in virgin olive oil at home are a delicious dish that cannot compare to any fried potatoes at a restaurant. Learn how to prepare this very typical and flavorful side dish to eat with almost any main course in Spanish cuisine.

Rice with Squid Recipe - Arroz con Calamares
This is a good first course or side dish for a dinner. It could also be served as a main course, especially if you add a few pieces of a solid white fish like halibut. It has a great seafood flavor without the additional work of preparing a paella.

Salpicon de Marisco - Spanish Seafood Salad
Quick, easy and tasty, this seafood salad is a perfect summer dish. Serve it as a light main course, a side dish or a tapa. Lightly dressed with vinegar and oil, fresh seafood, gherkin pickles, pepper and cocktail onions are refreshing and delicious.

Wrinkled Potatoes - Papas Arrugadas Recipe
"Papas Arrugadas" is a dish typical of the Canary Islands, where potatoes have been cultivated since they were first brought to Spain from the Americas. The residents of the Canary Islands, call them "papas" as do Latin Americans. "Papas Arrugadas" is a simple dish made with small potatoes and sea salt and delicious when eaten with red or green "mojo," traditional sauces of the Islands.

Santander Rice au Gratin Recipe - Arroz Gratinado a la Santanderina
This is a creamy rice dish that is very dense, typical from the northern area of Spain called Cantabria. It is a simple recipe and goes well with beef or pork.

Spanish Bread Crumbs Recipe - Migas de Pan
A traditional Spanish shepherd's meal, "migas" is made from stale bread, olive oil, salt and garlic. This is delicious peasant food. It's a dish every grandma or great-grandma in Spain has prepared, although each and everyone probably has their own recipe. Serve with fried peppers, Spanish chorizo sausage, or grapes.

Roasted Peppers & Eggplant with Cod Recipe - Pimientos, Berenjena con Bacalao
Red peppers and eggplant are roasted, then combined with salt cod and garlic, then coated in olive oil and vinegar to create a Spanish "tapa" or side dish. Easy to make, and serve for summer, or any time of the year.

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