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Mayonnaise Recipe - Mayonesa


Mayonnaise - Mayonesa

Mayonesa - Mayonnaise (c) 2007 L. Sierra Licensed to About.com

Lisa Sierra
Mayhonnaise, the French claim to have invented, however the Spanish make the same claim. Who is right? Well, the story goes like this… Mayonnaise, or in Spanish mayonesa was invented in Mahon, a city on the island of Menorca, during the French occupation of Mahon in the 1750’s. So, you could say it was a joint effort!

When making ensaladilla rusa (potato salad) and various tapas that call for mayonnaise, the Spanish often whip up their own mayonnaise at home. It only takes 5-10 minutes and gives a real homemade taste to any dish that store-bought mayonnaise can’t compete with!

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes


  • 2 pasteurized eggs*
  • 1 cup extra virgin Spanish olive oil (approximately)
  • 1 1/2 tsp lemon juice
  • salt to taste (approximately 1/2 tsp)


This mayonnaise recipe makes about 1 cup.

* We recommend that you use pasteurized eggs. The pasteurization process destroys bacteria that may be present, like salmonella by heating the eggs for a period of time to destroy the bacteria, but does not cook them. You must still refrigerate the mayonnaise and any dish you make with it to prevent contamination.

Blender or Mixer Needed: A small “stick blender” or “stick mixer” will give you the best results for this recipe. With a stick blender, you can make the mayonnaise right in a 2-cup measuring cup!

Crack the eggs into a 2-cup measuring cup or a small mixing bowl. Start the mixer beating the eggs. If using a stick blender, keep the beater down on the bottom of the cup or bowl. Now, slowly drizzle the olive oil into the eggs and watch as the mixture magically turns into mayonnaise. Don’t lift the beaters or blenders. Keep them at the bottom until the bottom of the mixture starts to really thicken and turn to mayonnaise. Once the bottom half of the mixture has turned to mayonnaise, you may lift up the mixer to finish mixing in the oil at the top.

Add salt and a bit of lemon juice while continuing to blend. Now you are finished!

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