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Cold Spanish Soups

Top Spanish Soups for Summer


Most regions of Spain are hot and dry during the summer. People like to eat lighter foods and cold soups are a good way to cool off. Below is a list of some great cold Spanish soups, which are perfect for summer dinner parties, potlucks, picnics and BBQs. They are all simple and quick to make, too!

White Garlic Soup - Sopa de Ajo Blanco

Sopa de Ajo Blanco - White Garlic Soup
(c) 2008 Lisa Sierra
Cold white garlic soup or "sopa de ajo blanco" is zesty, but very refreshing. In fact, garlic lovers would probably vote for this soup hands down over many others. It is easy, quick and healthy. Although very creamy, it contains no dairy! Almonds give this soup its creamy white texture and color.

Gazpacho - Andalusian Cold Tomato Soup

Gazpacho - Cold Tomato Soup
(c) 2006 Lisa Sierra Licensed to About.com Inc.
"Gazpacho" is cool, refreshing and flavorful start to a meal on a hot summer day. This soup is eaten often in Andalusia, in southern Spain where it is hot and dry all summer long. Serve in a soup bowl or in a glass.

Salmorejo Cordobes - Creamy Cold Tomato Soup

Salmorejo Cordobes – Cordoba Cold Tomato Soup (c)
Lisa Sierra (c) 2010 Licensed to About.com Inc.

Salmorejo is a cold, creamy tomato soup, originating in Córdoba, Spain and is Gazpacho's "cousin." Made with tomatoes, bread, oil, garlic and vinegar, it is a beautiful deep pink-orange, summer soup that is sure to refresh you. Garnish with diced Spanish Serrano ham and hard-boiled eggs.

Sopa Fría de Tomate, Naranja y Frambuesa - Cold Tomato-Orange-Raspberry Soup

Sopa Fria de Tomate-Naranja y Frambuesa  Cold Tomato-Orange-Raspberry Soup
(c) 2007 Lisa Sierra Licensed to About.com Inc.
Ripe tomatoes, fresh raspberries and orange juice combine to create a modern twist on the traditional tomato Gazpacho. Tangy and fresh are the two best words to describe this soup.

Creamy Asparagus Soup - Crema de Esparrago

Creamy Asparagus Soup - Sopa de Esparrago
(c) 2008 Lisa Sierra Licensed to About.com
Asparagus is popular and plentiful in Spain, so it is used in many dishes. This soup recipe is easy and quick, which makes it a great soup for a week night. Although creamy, it only has a 1/2 cup of milk, and no cream or butter for those of us watching our weight. It also keeps well in the refrigerator. Serve it hot or cold!

White Gazpacho Soup - Gazpacho Blanco

Cucumbers, garlic and yogurt are the three main ingredients in this cousin of the traditional red gazpacho soup of Andalucia. It is a refreshing soup that is light and great tasting.

Cold Melon-Cucumber Soup Recipe – Sopa Fria de Melon

Cold Melon-Cucumber Soup - Sopa Fria de Melon (c)
Lisa Sierra (c) 2009 Licensed to About.com Inc.
This cold soup is a good example of how delicious a cold soup can be - sweet and tangy at the same time. It is a nutritious and simple first course on a hot summer day or evening. It's perfect for a novice cook, since it requires no cooking at all - just peel and blend!
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