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What are the national dishes of Spain?


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Question: What are the national dishes of Spain?

Since each of Spain’s regions has its own regional specialties, it is difficult to say that there is a national dish of Spain. Historically Spain was divided into small kingdoms; each one with its own language, culture and cuisine. Even today, Spain remains divided into 17 Autonomous Communities, each one with its own unique cuisine. However, there are a few dishes that have gained popularity all over Spain and some internationally:

In addition to the dishes listed, you must remember that tapas, the little dishes of Spain that are served in taverns all over Spain are also “national” dishes. There is a huge variety of them! Each town may have its own specialty tapa, although some tapas dishes are eaten nation-wide, like olives, ham and chorizo.

Spanish Regional Cuisines

Spanish regional cuisines are fascinating and delicious. Each article below contains links to regional specialties.

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