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Paco & Lola Albariño 2008

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Paco & Lola Albarino Wine

Paco & Lola Albarino Wine

The Bottom Line

Paco & Lola Albariño wine is the perfect white wine to pair with shellfish, seafood or chicken this summer. It's a light wine that complements food, but does not overwhelm it. Priced at $15 per bottle, it won't bust your budget either.

Paco & Lola have a very modern web site, with an English version button on the main page. Technical information about the traditional growing methods, the modern wine production methods, the products and the wine region are provided on the site. The winery also produces a raspberry liqueur made from orujo and raspberries, and "iWine," which is ice wine made with Albariño grapes and dry ice maceration at extremely low temperatures.


  • Pleasant
  • Aroma and Flavor of Lemon, Orange and Green Apple
  • Fruity, but not Sweet
  • Pairs well with Fish, Seafood and White Meat


  • None


  • Vineyards in the Salnés Valley of Rias Baixas, Spain
  • Made from 100% Albariño Grapes, from winery's own vineyards
  • Fermented in stainless steel vats
  • Buy to Enjoy Now, Not Age
  • 2008 Vintage

Guide Review - Paco & Lola Albariño 2008

Paco & Lola is a light white wine for seafood or chicken pairing. Warm summer weather and chilled Albariño wine go well together because it is light, a bit fruity without being sweet. Priced at around $15 per bottle.

Albariño is the classic white wine of northwestern Spain. It was known in Spain as an inexpensive white wine to pair with seafood, however Albariño is becoming popular outside of Spain. Quality and prices are rising.

The wine has a straw color, with a clean, fresh taste. Hints of citrus and green apple come through on the palate. The recommended serving temperature is 48-52ºF (9-11º C).

The winery itself is suggesting that their wine combines well with Thai food, sushi, pastas and rice dishes.

Adegas Rosalia de Castro is the name of the winery, which is new. It was founded by a group of experienced winemakers and it located in the Salnés Valley. They currently have almost 500 acres planted in Albariño grapes and produce approximately 200,000 bottles annually.

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