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How to Host a Holiday Tapas Party

A Cocktail Party with a Spanish Touch


Tapas and Wine

Tapas and Wine

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Cocktail parties are popular, especially around the holidays. They are a great way to entertain lots of friends, without making an entire dinner. So, tapas, the little dishes of Spain are practically tailor-made for these occasions!

The Menu: Tapas

We love to cook and to entertain, so we put together a special list of tapas, many of which can be prepared ahead, and are easy to eat one-handed - perfect for a holiday cocktail party.

The Drinks: Spanish Vinos

  • Top Spanish Wines Under $20 - Spain continues to produce a wide variety of quality wines priced at $20 or less. Any of these wines would make fine additions to a holiday celebration. On a tight budget? You can still purchase good quality Spanish wines for around $10 per bottle. We shared our favorites with About's Guide to Entertaining for her article Host a Holiday Tapas Cocktail Party.
  • Cava – Spanish Sparkling Wine - Learn about the different types of Spanish cava. For these occasions, we recommend a brut cava . Sparkling wines are very festive and Spanish cava is good quality and affordable.

Preparation: Tips from About's Guide to Entertaining

Are you apprehensive about hosting a cocktail party because you've never done it before, or think you can't handle it?! No hay problema! Donna Pilato, About's Guide to Entertaining has you covered:

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