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This "Tapas Dinner in Photos" features a Spanish potato omelet. Along with the omelet are fried green and red peppers, sliced Spanish "chorizo" sausage, Spanish cheese and canned seafood, making a delightful meal. Round out the "tapas" with slices of warm rustic bread and a bottle of a Spanish red wine. Links to recipes are provided under each photo.
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Tortilla de Patata - Potato Omelet or Spanish OmeletTortilla de Patata - Potato OmeletSpanish Chorizo Sausage for TapasSpanish Chorizo, Pork SausageSlices of Manchego Cheese for Tapas DinnerLonchas de Queso - Slices of Spanish CheeseSpanish Fried Peppers & Onions for Tapas DinnerPimientos Fritos con Ajo - Fried Peppers with Garlic
Mussels in Sauce - Mejillones en EscabecheMarinated MusselsRioja WineRioja Wine - Vino de Rioja
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