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Spanish Food: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How to Make a Traditional Spanish Omelet
No doubt about it, the Tortilla Espanola or Spanish Omelet is the most commonly served dish in Spain.
Paella de Marisco, or Seafood Paella: A Recipe...
Seafood Paella is probably the most famous and popular Spanish dish. It is from the Valencia region on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, south of Cataluna. Valencia is known for its rice dishes, like paella. There are as many versions of paella as there are cooks in Spain! If you like seafood, try this paella recipe.
The 8 Most Popular Spanish Desserts You Won't...
Spanish "pastelerias" or pastry shops are fabulous. There are several on each block. As you walk by,
Meals and the Culture of Spain
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How to Make Gambas al Ajillo, Spanish Garlic...
One of the most common tapas of Spain, gambas al ajillo is quick, easy and FULL of garlic flavor. It's
Make Delicious Pollo en Salsa de Tomate,...
Chicken breasts never tasted so good as this Chicken in Tomato Sauce Recipe! Boneless, skinless chicken
Make Lemony Magdalenas, or Spanish Cupcakes,...
”Magdalenas” are like cupcakes - sweet and lemony, rich, but fluffy. The Spanish traditionally eat them
All about Tapas, with 12 Must-Try Recipes
Tapas are snacks, canapés or finger food that originated in Spain. Tapas come in many different forms and can vary from town to town! But, what ARE they? Read on and find out.
Paella - An Introduction to Spanish Paella
Paella is currently an internationally-known rice dish from Spain. It originated in the fields of a region called Valencia, located in eastern Spain. Today paella is made in every region of Spain, using just about any kind of ingredient that goes well with rice. There are as many versions of paella as there are cooks. Learn how to prepare paella three different ways.
The Best Rice for Paella
What's the best rice for paella, the classic Spanish rice dish from Valencia? Learn which rice varieties make a good paella.
Super Easy 8-Step Spanish Omelet
Text-Only Recipe for Spanish Omelet - Tortilla Espanola . It is also called "tortilla de patata" or potato
Savory Macaroni en Salsa de Tomate con Chorizo:...
Although Italy is known for pasta dishes not Spain, macaroni, penne and spaghetti are often eaten in Spanish homes with a typically Spanish twist to the sauce – Spanish chorizo sausage and Spanish smoked paprika. A quick main course, the chorizo in the pasta and tomato sauce makes it very tasty.
How to Make Patatas Bravas, a Classic Spanish...
"Patatas Bravas" or Bravas Potatoes is one of the classic Spanish tapas dishes and is served in bars
Perfect Your Paella with This 7-Step Recipe
There are many versions of the famous rice dish called paella . From the original Valencian version,
Easy Spanish Recipes for Spanish Class
If the teacher assigned a project in Spanish class, and now you need to prepare a typical Spanish dish, don't fret. We assembled a list of easy and economical Spanish dishes that everyone in your class will love.
Croquetas de Jamón, or Spanish Ham...
"Croquetas" - croquettes are small, lightly breaded and fried sort of fritter. They are a sure hit as
How to Make Creamy Spanish Romesco Sauce, or...
Romesco sauce originates from Tarragona, in Northeastern Spain. It is said that the fishermen of the area made it to eat with fish. It is great with seafood, but is a tasty sauce to accompany meat and vegetables as well and is a popular sauce in Spain. Roasted red peppers combine with ground almonds, olive oil and vinegar to make a smooth, rich sauce that tastes great simply spread on a slice of rustic bread.
Easy Churros Recipe - Spanish Fritters
"Churros" are simple fritters that might be described as looking like a big “french fry.” They are the
How to Make Flavorful Spanish Alioli, or Garlic...
This sauce originated in Cataluna and has spread all over Spain. The name comes from the Catalan words
How to Make Spanish Flan: A Super Simple Recipe
"Flan" is the Spanish name for vanilla egg custard, topped with caramel sauce. It is a Spanish classic
How to Make Bacalao con Tomate: Sweet and Spicy...
If you like fish, this easy dish is sure to become one of your favorites! In fact, in Northern Spain,
Your 4-Step Recipe to Delicious Arroz con Pollo...
Arroz con pollo or Chicken and Rice is a standard main course in homes across Spain and Latin America.
How to Make Easy Egg Custard for Spanish Desserts
Lots of Spanish desserts are filled with rich creamy custard. As you pass the pastelerias in Spain, you
How to Make Refreshing Gazpacho: An Andalusian...
"Gazpacho" is cool, refreshing and flavorful start to a meal on a hot summer day. This soup is eaten
Easy Rice-Stuffed Peppers Recipe - Pimientos...
Rice-stuffed peppers like these are an easy, healthy, Mediterranean-style side dish. Cooked rice is mixed with sauteed onions and garlic, as well as raisins and ground almonds. Stuff the delicious mixture into bell pepper halves and bake. Serve with roast chicken, beef or pork.
Spanish Almond Cream Recipe - Bienmesabe
Spanish Almond Cream, called "Bienmesabe" in Spanish is made of ground almonds, a sugar syrup, cinnamon
Loco for Chocolate? Try This Thick Spanish...
The Spanish are known to be locos for chocolate, since they “discovered” it in the New World 500 years
How to Make Paella Valenciana, a Traditional...
There are as many versions of paella as there are cooks! Paella Valenciana is the traditional version of Valencia’s signature rice dish with rabbit, chicken and snails. Learn how to prepare this delicious Spanish rice dish.
What Do People Eat for Breakfast in Spain?
Spanish eat a large midday meal, but start the day off with a simple morning meal. Learn how to eat like a Spaniard starting from the moment you arise.
5 Tips for Making the Perfect Cafe con Leche...
Have you ever wondered how to prepare at home the same delicious espresso coffee you had in Spain (or other European countries) or what the Spanish eat with that wonderful coffee to start their day off right? We are asked that a lot!
Make Melt-in-Your-Mouth Crema Catalana, or...
Crema Catalana or Catalan Cream is the Catalan name and version of the French dessert, crème brulée .
Top 8 Recipes for Tempting Spanish Tapas
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Easy Spanish Bread Pudding Recipe - Torrijas
This “sweet” is traditionally eaten during Lent, the 40-days before Easter. It is believed that "torrijas"
Make Spanish Tomato Sauce: A Recipe for Savory...
Sofrito is a basic tomato sauce that is made all over Spain. Tomatoes, onions, garlic, green peppers
Spanish Easter Sunday Menu with Recipes - Menu...
If you are planning an Easter Day Menu, why not go Spanish?! This menu has a recipe for each course, from easy appetizers and fresh mixed green salad, to wonderful roast lamb and potatoes to delicious dessert of Catalan cream. Make one of the simple side dishes, the dessert, or go Spanish all the way.
What Is Spanish Chorizo, and How Is It...
Chorizo is a sausage that has many different varieties and is eaten all over Spain, made with pork meat and paprika.
Melt-in-Your-Mouth Mantecados: A Recipe for...
These traditional Spanish crumble cakes or "mantecados" crumble very easily. In fact, they are so soft,
Make Coliflor Rebozada, or Spanish Fried...
Cauliflower is a winter vegetable, which is easy to prepare as a light tapa or side dish. Cauliflower,
Make Polvorones, Crumbly Almond Cookies, with...
Rich, crumbly "polvorones" or "Dusty" Almond Cookies are a delicious cookie, especially popular in Spain
How to Make Torrijas - Spanish Bread Pudding...
This “sweet” is traditionally eaten during Lent, the 40-day period before Easter. It is believed that
Spanish Paprika - Pimentón
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5-Step Recipe for Pan con Tomate (Tomato...
Tomato Bread is simply toasted bread rubbed with fresh garlic and ripe tomato, then drizzled with olive oil and a bit of salt. It can be eaten by itself, but is often topped with cheese, ham or sausage.
A Dozen Indispensable Ingredients for Spanish...
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Easy 6-Step Recipe for Sopa de Lentejas,...
Lentil soup is a traditional first course in Spain. It is easy, tasty and full of nutrients, too. Lentils and cooked with carrots, potatoes and garlic, among other vegetables and combine to make a delicious and filling soup. It is typical to eat lentil soup throughout the winter. Omit the pork from this recipe and eat it during Lent.
Top Spanish Bacalao Main Course Recipes
Meatless Fridays have been the tradition in Catholic countries for many centuries. During that time,
An Introduction to Spanish Food and Cooking
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Make Pollo al Ajillo con Tomates Secos: Garlic...
This Spanish chicken dish is as easy as it is attractive, with bright red sun-dried tomatoes and green basil. Garlic and sun-dried tomatoes are sautéed together and mixed with chicken breasts, then sprinkled with fresh basil.
How to Make Arroz con Leche (Rice Pudding), a...
This is a typical and very popular dessert that, served in households all over Spain. It is rich and
Make Callos Madrilenos, a Traditional...
Beef tripe, "callos" in Spanish is a very traditional dish in Madrid. "Callos" have been served in taverns
How to Make Ensaladilla Rusa, a Scrumptious...
The name for potato salad in Spain is ensaladilla rusa , or Russian Salad. Why? It is said that a Russian
Tapas Party Menu
Everyone throws cocktail parties or dinner parties. So, why not throw a different kind of party – a Spanish Tapas Party?! Learn how to make 5 easy tapas recipes to impress your friends.
Make Zesty Mojo de Cilantro, a Cilantro Green...
In the Canary Islands, "mojos" or sauces are made with vinegar and oil and served cold, as an accompaniment
Fried Padrón Peppers Recipe –...
Padron peppers are small, bright green peppers from Galicia, that are fried and sprinkled with coarse salt. A simple and easy tapas recipe that is popular all over Spain with tourists and locals alike.
Tinto de Verano - Spanish Wine Cocktail Recipe
The name “Tinto de Verano” translates into English as “Red Wine of Summer.” It is a refreshing wine cocktail served in summer all over Spain. Although similar to sangria, it is easier to make and has less alcohol in it, making it the perfect to sip at a pool party or at the beach on a hot afternoon.
For Garlic Lovers Only: Alioli Potatoes Tapas...
If you are a garlic lover, Alioli potatoes are made for you! Lightly fried potatoes covered in a warm
Top Spanish Wines Under \$20
Spain continues to produce a wide variety of superior wines priced at $20 or less. Any of these Spanish wines would make fine additions to a holiday dinner or a family barbecue. They are also sure bets for that gift for the friend that loves wine.
Easy 6-Step Recipe for Tarta de Santiago, or...
Santiago (St. James) is the patron saint of Spain and this delicious almond cake is named in his honor. The origin of St. James cake is not certain, but it may have been brought to Galicia by a pilgrim. Today, this cake is sold all over Santiago de Compostela and is popular with tourists and pilgrims.
Spanish Leche Frita - Fried Milk Recipe
"Leche frita" dessert is truly a Spanish classic dessert recipe. With a firm, sweet, cold milk-pudding
Whip Up a Colorful Ensalada Mixta, Spanish...
Mixed Green Salad - Spanish Style! It includes cucumbers, peppers, olives and lots, lots more.
Jamón, Queso, y Chorizo con Pan: A Yummy...
This is a simple, but delicious appetizer or tapa that everyone enjoys. It involves very little cooking
Cava - Spanish Sparkling Wine
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Introduction to Spanish Ham - Serrano and...
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Favorite Spanish Almond Desserts
Almonds are a popular part of many traditional desserts in Spain. This is a list of our favorite almond desserts, from St. James cake from Galicia, to Pantxineta from the Basque Country, and Bienmesabe cream, popular in the Canary Islands.
Wrinkled Potatoes Recipe - Papas Arrugadas
Wrinkled potatoes is a typical dish of the Canary Islands, where potatoes have been cultivated since
Summer Tapas Party Menu
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Chorizo Recipe - Spanish Pork Sausage
If you have visited Spain or eaten in a Spanish bodega or restaurant, you have probably eaten Spanish chorizo, pork sausage seasoned with paprika and garlic. It is a staple of the Spanish diet and comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Families all over Spain make their own in the autumn. This chorizo recipes is a Spanish family recipe, edited by Francie Vicondoa.
Your 8-Step Photo Guide to Churros and...
Churros and chocolate are a rich and tasty combination. The Spanish typically eat them together as a
Fried Squid Recipe - Calamares a la Romana
Fried squid or in Spanish calamares fritos is a very popular appetizer or tapa in Spain and here in the
Eggs in Purgatory Recipe - Huevos en el...
Eggs in Purgatory is a recipe originally from Italy, however because it is very popular in many Spanish and Latin American homes, we decided to share our own version of it – with a Spanish flair. Eggs are baked in individual ceramic dishes on a bed of tomato sauce with diced Spanish chorizo sausage and topped with grated cheese. It's a quick and easy dish for any night you are short on time
How to Host a Paella Party Step-by-Step
Hosting a paella party is a great way to add Spanish flare to your entertaining, either a casual summer patio party or a holiday celebration. With a little planning up front, you won't be slaving in the kitchen. Preparing the paella while everyone enjoys a tapa puts you at center stage surrounded by your guests. We've put together an entire Spanish menu, from appetizers to dessert, Spanish wine and after dinner drinks, as well as preparation step-by-step with tips.
Introduction to Morcilla
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Galician Style Octopus Recipe - Pulpo Gallego
"Pulpo Gallego" or Galician-Style Octopus is a "tapa" or appetizer served all over Spain today. It is
What is the difference between a “Sandwic...
: What is the difference between a “Sandwich” and a "Bocadillo"? So you've seen sandwiches and "bocadillos"
Easy Sangria Recipe, a Spanish Classic
It's hot in Spain in the summer, so it's no wonder that the Spanish invented Sangria. It is a great party drink for the summer – It’s easy to make, inexpensive and very refreshing. It is made primary of red wine, lemon-lime soda, fresh fruit and lots and lots of ice!
Noodle Paella Recipe - Fideuà
Valencia is "the land of rice" and dozens of different rice dishes, however "Fideuà" is a very popular
How to Make Pan Rustico, Rustic Spanish Bread
This bread recipe is strictly "old-time" and produces a rustic-style Spanish bread. It's the kind that
Spanish Seafood Salad Recipe - Salpicon de...
Quick, easy and tasty, this Spanish seafood salad is a perfect summer dish. Serve it as a light main course, a side dish or a tapa. Lightly dressed with vinegar and oil, fresh seafood, gherkin pickles, pepper and cocktail onions are refreshing and delicious.
Galician Cake Recipe - Bica Gallega
Bica Gallega is a rich, spongy cake from the Spanish region of Galicia, and is topped with a crunchy, toasted sugar crust. Easy to prepare, it is good for breakfast, or to enjoy as an afternoon snack with a cup of coffee or tea.
Turrón - Spanish Almond Candy
Turrón - Spanish Almond Candy or Nougat is a traditional Christmas treat in Spain. Made primarily from almonds and honey, it comes in a wide variety of flavors.
How to Make Catalan Cream
Crema Catalana or Catalan Cream is Spanish for the dessert called crème brulée in French. It is rich and creamy and melts in your mouth.
How to Make Empanadillas Gallegas - Little...
Empanadas Gallegas (Galician Turnovers)are one of the most popular dishes from Galicia. The smaller versions here are referred to as empanadillas.
Spanish Beans with Rice Recipe - Alubias con...
Bean dishes are very common all over Spain and make great meals for the fall and winter. Beans are low in fat and full of nutrients like calcium and potassium, not to mention fiber. This bean dish is a simple, flavorful dish that contains no meat. Eaten with rice, it makes an entire meal in a single bowl!
Spanish Menus - How to Order at Spanish...
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Mushrooms with Garlic and White Wine Recipe -...
“Setas” or mushrooms are very popular in Spain. Many people drive or walk out to the countryside and spend the day picking them, especially after an autumn rain. The Fall is a great time for mushrooms and this dish is easy and quite delicious served with bread as a “tapa,” as an accompaniment to a beef, lamb or pork roast, steak or chops.
Red Pepper Sauce Recipe - Mojo Picon
In the Canary Islands, mojos or sauces are made with vinegar and oil and served cold, as an accompaniment
Spanish Lunch - La Comida
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Easy Cuban Rice Recipe - Arroz Cubano
As with any dish that is popular, every household has their own version. Some cooks prepare the rice
Spanish Chicken Noodle Soup - Sopa de Pollo con...
This soup is a typical first course in Spanish households, regardless of the region. Spanish love soups and seem to eat them whether it is winter or summer. This soup is perfect for those cold winter evenings when you need something to warm you from the inside out. Luckily, it is an easy soup to make.
7-Step Photo Guide to Heavenly Spanish Flan
Flan is the classic Spanish Vanilla Custard with Caramel Sauce. Although it is impressive to watch the flan popped out of the mold with the caramel sauce dripping down onto the plate, it is easy to prepare. Don't be intimidated! This step-by-step recipe shows you how to prepare flan. The preparation only takes 20 minutes. Bake for about an hour, and chill. The most difficult thing is waiting for it to be ready!
Easy Coffee Flan Recipe - Flan de Cafe
This easy flan recipe is a variation on the classic Spanish vanilla custard called "flan" in Spanish.
Chirimoyas, Cherimoyas or Custard Apples
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What is paella?
Paella is a rice dish from Spain that has become very popular and is now known around the world.
Banderillas Recipe - A Spanish Tapa
These easy tapas called Banderillas get their name from the barbed darts used during a bullfight! Fortunately,
Castilian Garlic Soup Recipe - Sopa de Ajo
Typical of the province of Castilla, this soup is a wonderful meal in itself! It is quick, easy to make and will warm you up right away. Like most Spanish recipes, you probably have the in ingredients in your kitchen - olive oil, garlic, ham and paprika.
Last Minute Tapas
A list of Last Minute Tapas to prepare when guests suddenly appear at your door. A dozen recipes for simple, easy tapas that are ready in just a few minutes. Only two of them require any cooking at all!
Licor 43 - Spanish Liqueur
Licor 43 is a sweet, vanilla-flavored liqueur that is produced in Spain and drunk as an after-dinner drink or mixed with other hot and cold beverages, or an ingredient in desserts.
Fried Cod Fish Ball Tapas - Bolas de Bacalao...
"Bacalao" or salt cod is very popular in Spanish food and it is really delicious and versatile. These
6 National Dishes of Spain
Does Spain have a national dish or dishes? Which tasty dish is it?
About Spain and its' Cuisines
Spain's cuisine varies from region to region, depending on the climate and cultures, as well as a little bit about the history. Read a bit about the location and climates of Spain and learn about the six culinary regions of Spain and what they are known for!
Spanish Easter Brunch Menu
Spanish Easter Brunch Menu: A variety of dishes from Spanish omelet and orange juice, to shellfish soup, fresh vegetables, lamb or rabbit, and green salad.
Spanish Seafood
If you have ever been to Spain, or had a friend from Spain, you know that Spaniards have a love affair with seafood. They crave fresh fish and shellfish of all kinds, from cod to lobster. Learn about the huge variety of seafood found in Spain.
Asturian Bean and Sausage Casserole Recipe -...
"Fabada Asturiana" or Asturian Bean and Sausage Casserole is a typical and very traditional dish from
Spanish Roast Lamb Recipe - Cordero Asado or...
This roast lamb recipe serves 8-10 people with one half of a suckling lamb or "lechazo", weighing 9-11
Nevados or Nevaditos Cookie Recipe
Nevados also called nevaditos , which means "snow-capped mountains" are aptly named cookies from Spain.
Beef Tomato Stew Recipe - Ternera con Tomate
Chunks of beef cooked until tender in tomatoes, onion, garlic and red peppers makes this beef tomato stew. Although you might think of this as a wintery beef tomato stew, it is a great dish for any time of year. Serve with home-fried potatoes for a good dinner.
Mallorcan Spiral Pastry Recipe - Ensaimada...
"Ensaimadas," the traditional sweet bread of the island of Mallorca is a treat! The origin of this cherished
Top Ten Vegetarian Tapas
Are you vegetarian, or are you entertaining vegetarian guests? Choose one or several of these meatless
Roasted Garlic Chicken Recipe - Pollo Asado con...
Spanish Roast Garlic Chicken is easy to make, and is moist and full of garlic flavor.
Fried Eggplant with Molasses Recipe - Berenjena...
A typical dish from Granada and Malaga areas of Andalucia, berenjena frita con miel de cana is quick, easy and inexpensive to prepare.
Basque Cake Recipe - Pastel Vasco
The Basque Cake, pastel vasco in Spanish or gâteau basque in French is a traditional cake or pie, with
White Garlic Soup Recipe - Sopa de Ajo Blanco
Everyone has heard about the traditional red gazpacho soup, and many have tasted it. However, this recipe
Fried Potatoes Recipe - Patatas Fritas
Potatoes fried in virgin olive oil at home are a delicious dish that cannot compare to any fried potatoes at a restaurant. Learn how to prepare this very typical and flavorful side dish to eat with almost any main course in Spanish cuisine.
Vegetarian Paella Recipe - Paella Vegetariana
Valencia is a region on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, where paella originated. Paella Vegetariana
Spanish Food, A Mediterranean Diet
The Spanish eat a Mediterranean diet that contains plentiful amounts of fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh fish, and their main source of fat is olive oil, rich in monounsaturated fat. Learn more about the Mediterranean diet and why it is not only good tasting, but why researchers believe it is good for your health!
Orange Flan Recipe - Flan de Naranja
Orange flan is a variation of the traditional Spanish flan, a vanilla custard topped with caramel sauce. This variation is lighter, but has an intense orange flavor that refreshes the palate as well as satisfying a sweet tooth. It is a simple custard recipe that can be made ahead of time and makes an elegant finish to any dinner or celebration, including Mother’s Day.
Spanish Oil Cakes Recipe - Tortas de Aceite
Oil cakes or "tortas de aceite" originated in Andalucia, specifically near Sevilla. They became popular
Easy Roasted Red Peppers in Oil, Vinegar &...
This easy Spanish "tapa" can double as a first course, or side dish. Roasted red peppers are marinated
Easy Fried Peppers, Garlic and Chorizo Recipe...
This typical Spanish tapa is simple, quick and easy. Green and yellow peppers fried with Spanish chorizo sausage and garlic make a colorful addition to the table. Served on a platter in the center of the table, and mound the mixture on slices of fresh rustic bread. It is also a great first course or accompaniment to scrambled eggs.
Bunuelos de Viento Recipe - Light-as-Air...
As the name implies, these "bunuelos" are light and fluffy, and melt in your mouth. They are perfect
Spanish Saffron - Essential Ingredient in...
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Deviled Eggs with Shrimp Recipe - Huevos...
"Huevos rellenos" or Deviled Eggs are as popular a "tapa" in Spain as they are in the USA. Made with
Introduction to Spanish Chorizo
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Spanish Regional Cuisine - Galicia
Galicia is located in the extreme Northwest of Spain and is known for its fish and seafood, as well as sauces and stews. Learn about the stews,
Spanish Regional Cuisine of Cataluña
Cataluña has some of the most sophisticated regional Spanish cuisine. Barcelona has been well known for its cuisine for centuries. Seafood, game, beef or lamb mixed cooked with rice and/or sausage. There is a wide variety of dishes in this region.
Roast Suckling Pig Recipe - Cochinillo Asado
Cochinillo Asado or Roast Suckling Pig is one of the most typical dishes in the cuisine of Castilla,
Shrimp with Cilantro Mojo Sauce Recipe - Gambas...
The Canary Islands are part of Spain, and are located off the west coast of Africa, very near the Equator.
Grilled Shrimp Tapas Recipe - Gambas a la Plancha
"Gambas a la Plancha" is a classic Spanish tapa recipe. Whole, unpeeled shrimp are salted, then cooked
Top Recipes for Beginners to Spanish Food
The following are the recipes we recommend that cooks who are new to Spanish cuisine try. This list includes
Madrilene Stew Recipe - Cocido Madrileño
Stews or cocidos , as they are called in Spanish are typical main dishes in Spain, particularly in the
Grilled Eggplant in Tomato Vinaigrette Recipe -...
Eggplants are a very common vegetable in the Mediterannean, particularly in Spain. This eggplant dish
Chicken Breast in Spanish Paprika Sauce Recipe...
Chicken breasts in a rich Spanish paprika sauce make a wonderful main course or a tapa. Simply sauté the chicken breasts, then sauté and whirl paprika, onions and pepper to make the sauce. In about 40 minutes you have a colorful, very Spanish main course. To make this recipe into a tapa, cut the chicken breasts into small pieces and serve with the paprika sauce atop baguette slices. Since this dish keep well, make it ahead for a dinner party or a casual celebration.
Spanish Garlic Chicken Recipe - Pollo al Ajillo
Garlic Chicken, or "Pollo al Ajillo" is a classic Spanish recipe, enjoyed all over Spain. This version
Berry Topping Recipe – Salsa de Frutas...
This simple fruit topping is easy to make and can be used on top of desserts such as “flan” and “natillas”, or as a filling in a “Brazo Gitano” cake roll. All it takes is simmering of a few cups of fresh or frozen fruit and some sugar and “Listo Ya!” It’s done. Refrigerate or freeze until ready to use.
Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese Recipe - Salmon...
This salmon with cream cheese recipe is a delicious "tapa" or appetizer that you can serve along with
Spanish Salt Cod with Peppers & Onions Recipe -...
Salt cod sautéed in garlic-infused olive oil, then smothered in a "pisto" of peppers, onions and tomatoes.
Spanish Perrunillas Cookie Recipe
Perrunillas are from Extremadura, which is an autonomous community in the southwest area of Spain, bordering
Spanish Main Course Recipes for Lent
Spain is a Catholic country and during the season of Lent, the 40 days before Easter, Catholics abstain from eating meat on Fridays. If you are looking for a meatless main course recipe for Lent, check these ideas for Lenten recipes!
Pork chops a la Madrilene Recipe - Chuletas de...
Learn to make this recipe for moist and juicy pork chops smothered in garlic, onions and olive oil. It is a simple and easy recipe that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.
La Tomatina Festival - Tomato Fight
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Olive Oil, how do you choose a good one?
Are you looking for a high quality olive oil, but are confused by the labels? Spain is one of the major producers of olive oil and Spanish olive oil is of very high quality. Learn what's important to look for on the label and what is just marketing hype!
Tomato Bread Recipe - Pan con Tomate
A traditional Catalan dish, Tomato Bread (Pa Amb Tomaquet in Catalan) is simply toasted bread rubbed with fresh garlic and ripe tomato, then drizzled with olive oil and a bit of salt. It can be eaten by itself, but is often topped with cheese, ham or sausage. What a great snack or appetizer!
Spanish Broken Eggs Recipe - Huevos Rotos
Huevos rotos or "broken eggs" is an incredibly simple recipe that can be served any time of day. Spaniards
Spanish Caramelized Almonds Recipe - Almendras...
Almonds are used in Spanish sauces, desserts and as a snack. A bowl of caramelized almonds can be served as a tapa or a dessert. Adding a touch of salt to the sweet coating can give that special touch. These caramelized almonds are so good that it's hard to just eat one...
Cod Fish with Vegetables Recipe - Bacalao con...
Cod with Samfaina, a vegetable sauce similar to ratatouille is from Cataluña, a region in eastern Spain.
Introduction to Spanish Cheese
Spanish cheeses are eaten by themselves, with bread, as a tapa, or dessert. Every region in Spain produces its own varieties - from creamy and soft, to hard and tangy.
Astorga Puff Pastries Recipe - Hojaldres de...
Easy, sweet pastries from Astorga, these are made from puff pastry sheets baked in the oven. Then, dip in warm syrup and serve! They are ready in less than 30 minutes.
Spanish Sweet Milk Bread Recipe – Pan de...
Large sweet rolls are often served for breakfast or afternoon "merienda" in Spain. Sometimes the bread
Chicken in Orange Sauce Recipe - Pollo a la...
This recipe originates in Valencia, a region well-known for its citrus. Chicken breasts are first browned in oil, then sauteed in a sauce that has intense citrus flavors. This is a simple recipe with lots of fresh taste.
Escalivada Recipe - Catalan Roasted Pepper,...
This is a simple roasted vegetable recipe made from tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and onions from the regions of Cataluna and Aragon.

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