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Readers Respond: Where do you buy Spanish Food?

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Do you have a great store or web site that sells Spanish paprika or chorizo, or a great source for Spanish morcilla or Serrano ham? Share those shopping tips with other readers right here!

Paprika and Chorizo

I buy my Spanish Food from www.foodsofspain.co.uk as they only supply the finest quality products manufactured in Spain
—Guest Jonathan

Great food

Well, sometimes is hard to find an online shop in order to buy spanish food but I found www.typicalspanishfood.com and I ordered some typical spanish products as paprika, olive oil and serrano ham and the service and communication was really good. If I would have to buy again spanish food I think I will try www.typicalspanishfood.com
—Guest Michelle


I have found that the Tones brand Paprika sold at Sams Club and other places to be an excellent condiment. I have had excellent results with it.
—Guest Gene Shoemaker


I get my Spanish chorizo from Despaña, a great little store here in Queens, New York. They make it themselves right in the backroom. Ordering info can be found on their website: despanabrandfoods.com.

Great spanish food online store

Hi, just to share with you that you can find great spanish food in bravafinefoods.com. They also have special offers and great customer service.
—Guest Antonio Ruiz

Spanish products

I bought spanish ham or wine several times from the web site http://www.spainshop24.net Good quality, well service and a young lady with a fantastic voice on the support line which they use on their site.

Genuine spanish food from Spain

The best thing is to get food from Spain and get the brands the spaniards consume, I have been using www.productosmadeinspain.com for a while and the quality is really good
—Guest Miguel

online spanish food

I am from Spain but I live in London, and I always buy spanish food online at this webpage: http://www.sunandtapas.com
—Guest Mercedes

Where to Buy Spanish Food in Berkeley

I go straight to The Spanish Table; great selection of Spanish frozen, canned, etc. plus a great wine selection, cazuelas, paelleras, etc.
—Guest Chris Juricich

Spanish food online (Ireland and the UK)

I am from Spain but I live in Ireland, and I always buy spanish food online at this webpage: http://www.thespanishtreat.com
—Guest Sergio

Spanish food online

I used to bring spanish food everytime I went home. But recently I found an online store: www.thespanishtreat.com. They have the same products I buy in Spain and some of them at the same price. I am also very happy with the service provided.

Oklahoma City

We have a supermarket "buy-for-Less" that has a good international selection. I also go to the oriental and Hispanic markets. "Spices of India" carries saffron and other spices, flours, and legumes. I grow a small garden.
—Guest Margaret Oldham


Where do I buy spanish food, in particular, Cuajada envelopes in Australia
—Guest Gus

Spanish Regional Foods

I buy the traditional and regional Spanish foods in origin (Spain) in IBERTIENDA http://www.ibertienda.com

Spanish food online (UK)

I live in London and have ordered online at www.flavoursofspain.co.uk many a time, for myself and also for friends (they do the best gift hampers). Online, you can find things like Jamon Iberico, chorizo, lomo, limited production Galician wines, probably the best Marcona almonds i've ever tried, my favourite Arbequina olive oil 'La Boella Premium' and the best selection of fish and seafood tapas i've come across. They also have a stall at Borough Market (in the Green market) and sell really tasty chorizos along with some more unusual tasty treats like Monkfish liver, Sea urchin caviar, and an award-winning Smoked mackerel in olive oil.
—Guest Terri

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