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Readers Respond: Where do you buy Spanish Food?

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Do you have a great store or web site that sells Spanish paprika or chorizo, or a great source for Spanish morcilla or Serrano ham? Share those shopping tips with other readers right here! Share Your Shopping Tips


As a Spanish food lover I am so glad I have found this site. I lived some time in Granada and what I can get in this website it is a variety of quality products as good as those you can find in Spain. Olive oil very recommendable and of course the jamon with the black hoof.
—Guest Liz

Spanish Food Online Shopping

The website http://www.jorgesdeli.com offers Spanish food products for the UK including Olive Oils, Vinegar, Honey, Chocolate, Ham etc.
—Guest Jorge

Buy spanish ham

Hi. I like the site www.deliciousandspanish.com because it doesnt sell only but it educates you to make the best possible purchase. I also like the guarantees they offer although i never had to make use of them. And their quality is just great. They have cool videos on how to's
—Guest Chria

at spanishfood.org.uk

They have a nice variety of hams and other products which are not exactly cheap but at least are affordable. Other online stores are much more pricey
—Guest juanles

Spanish gourmet food, olive oil and wine

You can find the typical ingredients for spanish dishes like the indispensable "extra virgin olive oil", saffron (for the paella) ham, chorizo and prepared food sometimes difficult to find like pickled quail in this website: www.spainisgourmet.com
—Guest Marta

Iberian Delicious

Hey, take a look at www.iberiandelicious.com they have a small but great catalog of spanish products, with lowest shipping rates on market!
—Guest Iberian Traveler

My spanish secret

I´m from spain, but I live in Amsterdam now, and I usually buy in www.comidaiberica.com. They have good prices.

The best from Spain in U.S. and Canada.

Hey, we just open our online store where you can find traditional goodies from Spain, healthy stuff and toiletries www.lagiraldaonline.com We sell to the U.S. and Canada.

Try igourmet.com

igourmet.com has a very wide selection of high-end imported Spanish delicacies.
—Guest Spencer Chesman

Good shop online

You can get very nice Spanish products at a really good price at www.tastingpoint.com
—Guest Tasting Point

Real Fabrica online shop

We send worldwide, all the spanish brands with history, www.realfabrica.com

Tasting Point Ltd.

I used to bring my food from Spain as well. But I recently found www.tastingpoint.com which has the same products I use to get from Spain at very low prices if you compare them with other ones like Brindisa. They are actually very professional and they have excellent customer support
—Guest Spanish fan

In Europe the best Iberico ham online

I love Bellota ham, the best of all Spanish ham. When I'm in London I always buy online in http://www.jamonarium.com/en/ , they are nice and serious. Best deal for top quality products!
—Guest Ben

Spanish food in the Uk

I buy my food at Cordobesa Gourmet they specialize in products from Cordoba province, great quality and unique products! Recommend them 100% here's their website: http://www.cordobesagourmet.com
—Guest James

Spanish Food

Try www.spaintohome.com excellent Christmas goodies and great Galician chorizos and Jamon Serrano !! You can ask them for everything even if it,s not listed and they do their best to get it to me !! They even sent me some Galician pigs fat salted, couldn,t find it anywhere !! Really happy with them !!

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Where do you buy Spanish Food?

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